Benefits of Cold Shower: 9 Real Benefits That Keeps You Mentally and Physically Fit.

Last Updated On: 23 April 2021

So you are back from the whole day of working and now you are sweating because it was really a tough day for you. First thing will catch up on your mind after entering you home is probably “Oh God! I need to take a shower.”Now the question is which shower you are going to take? A hot shower or a cold shower? Look, you have lot of options but I’m quite sure that you are not fool enough to take a hot shower. Then what is your remaining option? Okay, let’s not end up on a conclusion right now. I know that both of these shower has their own benefits and under certain circumstance each of them are good for you. But it is really awful if you don’t know which circumstances are proper for which shower. Besides, you must know what the real benefits of cold showers are. Okay let’s get into it.


Hot Shower vs. Cold Shower

Technically both of these showers are good for you. Each of them has their own merits. It depends on your situation either you will take a cold shower or a hot shower. It also depends on the weather, your physical problems and others. Now let me tell you when these showers are appropriate for you.

Hot Shower: Most of the people are arguing about this that a hot shower is the best shower you can get. Well, I also kind of agree with that, but not entirely. A hot shower is useful in the case of when you need to relieve yourself from all of the tensions and you also need to soothe your stiff muscles. A hot shower also can amplify your oxytocin level in case of you are running out of it. And in the days of winter it is really necessary that you take hot shower after definite regular intervals.

Cold Shower: On the other hand we have the cold shower. We are going to talk a lot about it. But in the first case we want to make clear that why it is important. As you know that after the whole day of hard working you become just unable to move your body much. You seek for relaxation and also the coolness. So that’s the point what I’m trying to make that when it is good for you. Cooler shower is the recommendation for doctors if you are having troubles with depression.


Top 9 Real Physical and Mental Benefits You Can Get From a Cold Shower

Okay, Lot of talk has been done yet over cold shower and hot shower. Now this is the time for finding the benefits from a cold shower. Because hot shower has been proven very effective in the earlier. No it is time for a cold shower to show what it can serve you.

Benefits of Cold Shower
  1. Increases Energy Level: Probably you think that a cold shower in morning may slower you down. But reconsider this thinking for a moment. Do you know that taking morning shower with cold water increases alertness to your immune system? Okay that’s true. You will get blood rush in your body and you will see yourself as an energetic one in the daytime. It will also give you warmness in the morning. It increases the average oxygen intake amount. Katharine Hepburn, a famous actress was very much fond of cold shower and she took it every day in her lifetime. And you can see that how energetic she was. This cold shower was approved by her doctor. So you can say that it works and increases your energy level.
  2. Refines Skin and Hair: Who doesn’t use cold water in his head? May be a foolish person. It is really risky to use hot water in your head. Also the cold water is good for your hair because it actually tightens your cuticles and pores. On the other hand hot water actually dries your skin. So doctors recommend to use cold shower if you have hair and skin problems. Cold waters also seal the pores of your body which actually don’t let the dirt to enter. Thus you will remain cleaner than before. Cold shower makes your hair shiny, strong and energetic. It flatters hair follicles and makes them easy to grip the hair into the scalp.
  3. Improves your Immunity and Blood Circulation: Cold water actually improves your bold circulation by commanding your blood to surround the organs. It can be helped in some serious heart and skin problems. Cold shower orders the arteries to pump blood more efficiently and that increases the blood circulation and your immunity. Cold shower can be taken as a treatment for high blood pressure people because it lowers the blood pressure. I also clears the blocks from the arteries and increases the immunity of your body.
  4. It Helps to Loss Your Weight: Well cold shower can burn fat in a good way and can help you to lose weight. There are two types of fat tissues in human body. One of them is white fat tissue and another one brown fat tissue. When we take more calories, white fat generates and it doesn’t burn when we use energy. This fat generates in our waist, neck, lower back and thighs. On the other hand brown fatis a good one. It generates heat to keep our body warm. A cold shower can activate brown fats tissue of your body and thus it will help you to lose your weight.
  5. Recovers Muscles Soreness: Athletes knows how much important a cold shower is. You may have seen it before that most of the athletes take a cold shower after their exercise like training, running and cycling etc. It is not only because they are feeling hot. Medical science has proven that a cold shower after a long time practice or exercise will gradually help you to recover the soreness of you muscle. May be you have understood now why we use ice if someone got hurt and have a pain in his muscle.
  6. Reduces Stress: It is not my statement. It is coming from doctors and researches. A cold shower can be used as a therapy of reducing stress. Also I have seen may doctors who recommend this cold shower for the people who suffer from stress. Cold shower is very much helpful for reducing the uric acid level of your body. An antioxidant named glutathione increases when you take cold shower regularly. Glutathione is an important antioxidant which controls all other antioxidants and keeps them in an optimum level. Thus a cold water shower is helping you to reduce your stress.
  7. Kills Depression: When it is going hard time for you. You are sinking in depression then a cold shower therapy can help you to kill your depressions. When cold water touches your skin, it sends a huge amount of electrical impulse from the peripheral nerve to the brain. It just kicks your brain and boosts up your mind and give you energy. So for a long moment, your depression is going to be out of your mind. You can feel freely in your shower. Cold hydrotherapy has an enormous effect to take control over your body and kills your depression instantly. So my suggestion will be taking a cold shower therapy when depression is killing you.
  8. Increases Testosterone: The most important sex hormone is testosterone. I’m sure that you know how important this hormone is for your body. A research has proven that taking a cold shower regularly increases your testosterone level. So this is one of the coolest fact a man can have. We all know why testosterone is important for us. So make sure you are taking a 15 minutes cold shower regularly just to increase the level of your testosterone in case you are running lacking of it.
  9. It Boosts Your Fertility: Undeniable truth. A cold shower regularly increases your sperm count and sperm quality. It has been also proven that men who take hot shower regularly will remain unfertile for a long time. So if you are obsessed with the hot shower then I have to say that there is a strong possibility of having a big trouble in future. No, I didn’t mean that it is an obvious. But researches tell them and you can’t deny that. On the other hand there is the cold shower which increases the sperm count and fertility for you.


Everybody is just obsessed with the hot shower and they are thinking that it is not good to take cold shower. I hope after reading these facts you are going to have an exact idea of why people should take a cold shower. I’m not telling that hot shower is bad. What I’m trying to say that cold shower also has its own merits and benefits for humans. So you have to reconsider your situation and then decide whether hot or cold shower is perfect for you. In case you can’t decide, doctor’s advice is strongly recommended.


(Last Updated On: April 23, 2021)
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