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Unless you have super tolerating family members/roommates, who don’t have any problem with you leaving the bathroom floor soaking wet every time you shower, you Know the urgency of a bathroom mat in your life! This multi-purpose filling thingy absorbs extra water after a shower, work as a buffer for our toes between the hot shower and cold floor and prevent us from banging our head through the toilet by slipping. Not to mention, it also does a pretty good job to bring your bathroom aesthetics! So, albeit we may look down on the bathroom mats thinking it's too insignificant to bother, it is a vital part of the shopping list for our bathrooms! So here I am to educate you all about the bathroom mats, its usages, do's and don'ts and also, I'm going to give a list for some best bath mat which will provide you with the best experience and fulfill all of the purposes a bathmat has! To know all about it, please keep reading. 

So technically a bathmat is some extension of a towel or carpet with high water absorbance which is designed to do the job of absorbing the water following a bath or shower. A bath rug, though may argue, is technically the same thing. People who disagree generally give the logic that a bathmat is placed write in front of the shower or bathtub to keep us away from flooding the whole bathroom, whereas the bath rug can be situated anywhere in the bathroom which also takes care of our bathroom from a designer perspective! Despite all the debate, one thing we can agree that they both mainly exists to keep our bathrooms dry.

Why Do We Use Bathmats ?

Now that we know what a bathmat is, now it's time to know about its usage. Though many people ignore it, I for one never forget to include bathmats when advising people about bathroom safety. It's also an A-lister on my mind when I list for bathroom shopping. I've said it once, and I'd repeat it that a bathmat, even after being so poorly invested for compared to other bathroom essentials, serves multiple services. Some of those are being listed below:

1. Saving from Hazard: 
Admit that- the slippery floor is quite the nuisance, and in some case very dangerous too. You exit from a shower or bath, dripping wet, and floors' tiles, not a right combination. It is even more dangerous and annoying for the second showerers, as they generally don't have any clues about the wet mess you've made there. And be honest, soaked bathroom and all its moistures- it's uncomfortable. But if you have a quality rug before the exit of your shower or tub, this disaster can be avoided. Even though not every bathroom's floors are going to be this slippery, the cautious protective step that you've taken is going to make you feel at ease.

2. Keeping Dropped things still:
You know when you are taking a shower and using your soap, then your hand gets slippery, and you dropped the soap, and it keeps running through the floor, and you can't chase it down. Then you slipped over and end up on a hospital. And you know, a bath mat can keep all the dropped items on the place. It will work as a non-sticky flytrap to trap your soap, shampoo and conditioner bottle and will stop them running through the floor. So, it is now your decision if you want to install a bath mat or play ski while taking a shower!

3.Making It Easier To Exit:
It can be hectic to exit the tub or shower after having a shower. As there generally nothing to hold on to get a grip, it’s quite a hassle. If you add a bathmat on your bathroom floor, it adds a base-like for your feet to get a grip.

4. Hygiene:
It's gross to step into the water from the shower of another person. And it's also nothing new that the wet bathroom floors harbor the most bacteria and virus lot faster. So adding a bathmat to keep your bathroom dry and clean, is a good idea.

5. Comfort:
It's shivering even to think about putting your toes on the chilled floor just after taking a nerve-soothing hot shower, isn't it? A bathmat can give you an extra shot of comfort by providing a soft and warm feeling to your toes.

What Is the Etiquette of Using the Bath mat ? 

We love having arguments over almost everything, don’t we? From making a peanut butter jelly to creating earth conquering humanoids, we enjoy having a nice debate now and then. The proper etiquette of using the mat in front of your shower or bathtub is not an exception. So let’s discuss it.

We can roughly categorize the mat users in 3 categories, and they are:

1. The people who wait till the exit and then dry them with a towel standing on the bathmat.

2. The people who dry themselves before exiting and forget the purpose of having a bathmat

3. And the balanced ones, who dries themselves a little, and then exit the shower and dry them thoroughly with the comfort of standing over a bath mat.

Not going to give verdicts about who’s right and who’s not, but here’s what I think we should do:

  • Try to place your towel on an arm's length or nearer, so that floor or mat doesn’t get too wet when you reach out for your towel.
  • Squeegee your hair and your body with your hands to remove excess water.
  • Then reach out to grab your towel quickly.
  • Dry off in the shower by dabbing the towel all over your body from top to down.
  • You can dry your feet only if you so choose to do so.
  • Stepping on the bath mat to dry the bottom of your feet is also an option.
  • Then squeegee the mat and hang it to dry so the next showerer can enjoy a beautiful dry bathroom too.

What to Look for While Shopping for Bathmats ?

About 80% of quality depends on materials. The consensus is microfiber is the best material for a bath mat because of its high absorbency and less self-drying time. Then chenille, cotton, rubber, etc. are some of the options too. Apart from concentrating on water resistance and durability on bath mats, we should also look at the color, size, and design in the light of the bathroom interior. If chosen poorly, a bath mat can give you nightmares with all its molds, and damp and musty smell. So it is vital to choose your bath mat carefully.

Taking Care of Your Bath Mats

It is surprising that many people don't know how to wash their bath mats. Many people don't often wash their bath mats either. To wash your bath mat accurately, first, you have to check the tags to learn the instructions before cleaning your bathroom rugs. These tags will let you know if you need to avoid some cleaning products or process or if you need some specific cleaning products or washer and dryer settings.

Once you’ve learned all the instruction you needed to know, try taking your bathroom mats outside and then shake it for a few time. Be careful and cover your nose because you may surprisingly (not so surprising actually) find the whole Sahara right outside of your house! And let's not take about the stuck hair, okay? They did say that human shed hundreds of hair regularly. Also, don't forget to wipe the rubber or PVC back with a wet microfiber napkin. Then follow the followings accordingly.

Cleaning Microfiber, Cotton, Towel and Chenille Bathmats

As these bath mats feel nice to your feet and dry quickly, they have lots of demand among the customers. They are really easy to wash too. Here's how you clean them after you are done checking the instructions, of course.
1.  Put your mats in the washing machine with a mild and     especially bleach free laundry detergent. Don’t overload your washing machine as it will affect the mats.
2.  Wash on the cold setting.
3.  It is essential that you tumble dry them on the lowest heat setting.
4.  You can also hang your bath mats outside or just over the bathtub if you have windows in your bathroom to dry.

Note: You have to be sure not to mix your microfiber or chenille bathroom rugs with other fabrics, especially towels during tumble drying. It will make them pick up lint. As a result, it won't dry as quickly as before. 

Cleaning Plastic or Rubber Backed Bathmats

Plastic and rubber backed bathmats are used in many homes, and they’re made of various kinds of materials, starting from cotton to polyester. It's essential to check the instruction to know about the materials. This is how you wash bath mats with plastic or rubber backing:
1. Put the bath mats in the washer. Don’t overload your machine. Wash your bathroom mats on the cold setting with a mild cleaner.
2. You can both hang your mats outside to dry or tumble dry on the lowest setting. As the heat can cause the mat’s backing to crack or even melt, you should never use heat when drying plastic or rubber backed bathmats.

Some of the Best Bath Mats : My Top Ten

Given the fact there's some details you'll have to bear in your mind while shopping for a bath mat, choosing and buying the right one can be pretty overwhelming! To make it as much more comfortable as I can, I am going to list some of the bath mats that I think are best according to the data I've collected from my personal experience and also from the review of other customers. As it's not a ranking, the order doesn't add any extra importance. So it's up to you what to decide. Try to remember all the things we've learned from the previous passages and make an educated choice. I’m adding detailed features and pro-con list. So without any further due, let’s get into this, shall we?

1.Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats

What can I say about this brand and its bath mats except that they are lovely? Considering that a bathroom can be very damp, I believe cotton is the best material to consider for a bath mat. As this specific bath mat, I've enlisted cotton, and I'm going to tell you guys some of the benefits of cotton bath mats. Cotton is the most common one for good reasons. So because of its material, utopia bath mats are so durable, as it’s not big on thickness, this towel extension mat also dries very quickly. And you can find so much variation on this bath mat with different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit best with your bathroom decoration. In short, you can't go wrong with this cotton banded Utopia Bath Mat!

1. As mentioned above, these mats are 100% Cotton.
2. Materials are imported.
3. Doesn’t support bleach washing or fabric softeners. Using them may damage the quality.
4. Requires washing the bath mats separately as it minimizes lint.
5. The quality of the cotton is supreme, which makes it non slip.
6. The thickness is just perfect.
7. These bath mats are 985 GSM.
8. They each and measure 21 x 34 inches.
9. Double hemmed stitched.

1. When it comes in contact with your feet, these bath mats offer a beautiful experience after every bath.
2. With a banded design, their double-hemmed stitching enhances the look of the mats and add some visual interaction.
3. These mats dry very quickly due to its high absorbency, soft mellow like texture and non-rubber backing
4. They are highly absorbent despite being so light-weighted.
5. Excellent at absorbing the moisture.
6. The mats are incredibly absorbent. Also, they nicely stretch across the floor.

1. Tends to lint if left damp.

So yeah, as these ultra-comfortable take the right care of your feet and offer you a variety of options, I'm just going to repeat what I've said before. You can’t go wrong with these bath mats! 

2.Magnificent 17 X 24 inch Memory Foam Bath Mat, Soft, Non-slip, High Absorbency

I’m sure most of you already have heard about this best seller over here! This slip-resistant bath mat is a customer favorite for a decade due to its reliability and excellence. Memory foam is so popular mainly because of its kind of molds and contours your body. Therefore, it has been shown to provide great support for your pressure points, which is an essential medically. They are also known for their quietness, which means you don’t have to tolerate any more squeaky spring sound every time someone uses the bathroom, think about it! And this number one seller is an excellent gift to give people too.

1. This bath mat weighs around 1.15 pounds.
2. The thickness is a little less than 1/2 inch or to be more precise 3/8 inches.
3. Generally retails for 15 to 18 USD.
4. Anti-bacterial, so great for kids’ bathroom.
5. It is machine washable and fast drying.
6. Skid-resistant backing.
7. It’s got luxurious and elegant looking features.
8. Usually found in 4 colors, White, grey, green and brown.
9. Uses flannel as the primary material.

1. Attractive looking; has a lavish touch on it.
2. Water absorbing, easy cleaning, and self-drying.
3. Doesn’t fall apart like rubber back shaggy bath mats while washing.
4. Soft texture, so nice for stepping out to after a warm shower.
5. They hold their shape just fine after every wash.
6. Affordable, yet do the job.
7. Natural and hypoallergenic.

1. They don't have a vast color range.
2. No way to customize the size.

Yeah, right? This bath mat is the best seller and best reviewed for reasons, and exceptionally good ones, I’d say! This bath mat can bring out the best of any bathroom experience, and it will take care of your foot fatigue. So, let's say this memory foam bathroom mat will sure do the jobs and leave you as a happy, satisfied consumer!

3.Magnificent Bath Mat Non Slip Absorbent Super Cozy Velvet Bathroom Rug Carpet

Sorry, but just had to add another good one from Magnificent Bath Mats’ line! Like the previous one, this bath mat is also a best seller and a popular between the customers. Cushioned with ultra soft foam which holds its shape amazingly, this bath mat has some features. Its velvet like texture leaves you with plush and luxurious feel under your feet every time you step on it after finishing the shower. Its lightweight amazes people making it dry quicker and free of moisture. It also serves you multi-purpose, as it can be used as a rug in the kitchen, an extension before the living room carpet and a mat before your bed. 

1. This mat is 20 inches wide and 32 inches long.
2. Slip and skid resistant.
3. Hypoallergenic.
4. Have a velvet-like texture.
5. Allows machine wash and tumble dry.
6. Safe to use for the room of the disabled people.
7. Great for people who step out of the shower with excess water.
8. Doesn't have a problem regarding rubber back staining on the floor.
9. Flexible enough to hang it on the tub to dry it.

1. Very easy to maintain
2. Doesn't leave a wet mark on the bathroom floor.
3. Dries quickly.
4. Easy to wash as it supports machine wash.
5. Has great flexibility.
6. Elegant enough to go with the posh carpet you have.
7. Perfect for your bathroom vanity

1. Gets flat after some years.

As a user of this velvet bath mat myself, I can recommend it to others without hesitation. I have more one of these in my house, and I even use them for my pet's bed as these super cozy. I like the elegant feeling it gives despite being so affordable. No wonder people leave so much overwhelmingly good reviews for this particular bath mat.

4.Lifewit 32"x20" Bath Mat Non Slip Microfiber Shaggy Chenille Bath Rugs Bathroom Shower Mats Rug

This widely used bath mat is one of that soft microfiber chenille that makes people completely stop using other company bath mats. This chenille fibered bath mat simultaneously acts as a towel and blanket for your toes by absorbing the excess moistures and cushioning them from the chilled and hard bathroom floor. And it is perfect for bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and, yeah, you guessed right, your pets also! I have used this one too. So I'm leaving some great features that I have experienced. 


1. Can be found in any supermarket as it is widely used.
2. Made from fine chenille yarn and also absorbent sponges.
3. Comes in three sizes, small, large, and extra large.
4. It has a beautiful neat and tidy pattern. Gives an odd visceral feeling
5. Needs a mild detergent wash and natural drying.
6. Has slip and stain resistant back material.
7. Has a thickness of 1.18 inch.
8. Back is made from PVC.
9. It is 20 inches long and 30 inches wide.
10. It weighs roughly 1.4 pounds.

1. Has excellent flexibility.
2. It is very durable and affordable.
3. Dries quickly, so it doesn’t have the bad damp smell.
4. Self-drying.
5. Water resistant.
6. Stand up straight and won’t collect hair and dust.
7. Can be used as pets’ beds.

1. The design is pretty basic.
2. The color range could have been greater.

So, you really can’t beat this product for this price point. Its “light enough to maintain easily and heavy enough to withstand the wind” is a keeper. Suitable for tropical, monsoon and tundra environment too. I highly recommend it. 

5.Norcho 31" x 19" Soft Shaggy Bath Mat Non-slip Rubber Bath Rug Luxury Microfiber Bathroom Floor Mats Water Absorbent

Oh, the old-school shaggy mats! With times, there has come so many options in the markets, but still couldn't quietly take the place of shaggy rugs. This particular mat, I've enlisted here is a beast! Its wide versatility, luxurious look, and posh feel are so alluring to the customers. It dries more quickly than one would have guessed. Its white coat of microfiber is what you need when you step out from a nice, warm shower and don't want to lose the heat wasted on the cold bathroom floor.

1. They are microfiber bath mats.
2. Has a size of 31x19 to 47x31 inches.
3. It has fur like textures.
4. Skid-resistant.
5. Its soft microfibers allow rapid water absorption upon contacts.
6. It is a large, polyester rug.
7. Synthetic, but natural looking.
8. It weighs 1 pound.
9. Don't usually shed.


1. Quite versatile. Can be used anywhere as anything. I have even seen people using it as a background for the picture!
2. It keeps your feet nice and dry.
3. It gives a super cozy and comfortable feeling to your feet.
4. Brings out your bathroom aesthetics.
5. Can be used as a mattress for your pets’ beds.
6. Elegant looking.
7. Has a vintage vibe in it.
8. Easily washable.

1. Can cause hairs and dust to get stuck.

This elegant looking bath mat can be an excellent fit for your bathroom. I've seen many people using it on their living room too with a matching of course. The only white color range can be a problem, but hey, don't deny that the white bath math is more appealing. Especially for a modern apartment bathroom, this bath mat will go quite well. 

6.Simple Deluxe Anti-Bacterial Anti-Slip-Resistant Bath Mat, 16" W x 39" L.
This one is quite different from the rest of the enlisted bath mats not only because of its shape and size but also for its use. You know you don't only slip in the outside of the shower, but also in the bathtub itself. Especially for kids under the age of 11, it's quite hazardous. So, as a non-slip and anti-fatigue pad like for stand up showering, this simple deluxe anti-bacterial anti-slip bath mat will do wonder! It will deliver on everything. There are 199 suction cups in it which are the keys to its success. The holes are to reduce its funk factor, while the suction cups are for keeping it steady. And not to forget that it is long enough to cover your whole real estate!

1. Made from pure vinyl.
2. Synthetic and dust resistant.
3. It is completely BPA-free.
4. Made of high-quality and allergen-free vinyl, which makes it machine washable.
5. Due to its suction cups, it’s anti-slip.
6. Anti-bacterial, and doesn’t get contaminated by mold.
7. Provides as great as 30% extra coverage than the most bath mats.
8. Works great for almost any tub surface, especially with non-textured ones.
9. It is 39" Long and 16" wide.
10. Weighs as much as 1.2 pounds.


1. It's long and provides extra coverage.
Easily washable.
2. Gives a cooling tingling sensation on the skin.
3. Does a great job of providing slip protection.
4. Comes with a broad color range!
5. Also comes in transparent shades.
6. Machine washable.
7. Long lasting.


1. Has a strong chemical smell to it, which is noticeable only for days.

The owners of bathtubs, I recommend you guys to buy one of these as it will make your life so much easier and better in the light of bathing experience. To avoid molds, try avoiding leaving it damp and wet after a shower, instead, squeeze the water and hang it to dry. It will only take a few minutes.

7.InterDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid, Water-Repellent Runner Rug for Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Hallway, Office, Mudroom, Vanity, Natural Wood

Nature lovers, this one is for you! Those of you who want touch earth in your bathrooms, this bamboo-made, super eco-friendly, astonishingly durable, the ultra-thin bath mat is just for you. And may I add, it looks beautiful with wooden or bricky bathtubs! I'd add some plants with it in my bathroom decoration if I were you. This bamboo bath mat can give you a sort of Asian vibes to your bathroom. And bamboo is famous for its durability and agility. 

1. Water resistant, and non-slippery.
2. Non-skid underside to protect your wood, carpet, or tile floors from stain and water damage.
3. Eco-friendly and also biodegradable.
4. Has a variety of sizes.
5. Easy to wash.
6. Doesn't have a bad smell.
7. Weighs for 1.2 pounds.
8. Retails only for 14 to 15 USD.
9. Very light and has crisp texture to it.
10. Has a nice accent to it.

1. Very durable and convenient.
2. Water resistant, antifungal.
3. Looks great.
4. Has a traditional feeling to it.
5. Perfect for kitchen, bathroom, living room.
6. Long lasting.
7. Isn’t slippery at all.
8. Mother Nature approved!

1. It may squeak when wet.
2. Does not wrap.

This is ideal for concerned people who care about the earth and know the impact of human behavior on it. This great looking, biodegradable bamboo made bath mat doesn't use any materials which are harmful to the earth. That's why it doesn't have a rubber backing. Instead, it has a cloth-like backing with small holes to get the water passed through. For modern house owners with a traditional choice, this bath mat will do a great job! 

8.VDOMUS Soft Microfiber Shag Bath Rug, Extra Absorbent, and Comfortable, Anti-slip, Machine-Washable Large Bathroom Mat.

The VDMOUS’s professionally designed bath mats are popular among the customers for its convenient design and handiness. Unlike the most other cotton bath mats, this one doesn’t start sliding all over your bathroom floor when you step on it. It is rather a soft rug with anti-skid backing which adds extra protection for elders, toddlers, and disables. It has a larger size, greater quality with the same price! 

1. This mat has thousands of individual microfiber shag.
2. Has a non-skid back.
3. It is super soft and shaggy.
4. One hundred percent washing machine washable.
5. It has a dimension of 16 x 1.8 x 24 inches.
6. Can be placed over carpet without being worried about dampness.
7. Easily maintainable.
8. Has PVC backing.
9. It is constructed with quick absorbing materials.
10. Requires washing with cold water.
11. Don’t use bleach.

1. Is excellent for living place, kitchen, and bathroom.
2. It is a hazard-free choice as a bathroom.
3. Slip resistant.
4. Water is very quickly absorbed by it.
5. Hypoallergenic.
6. It's elegant looking.

1. Dries a little bit late.

It is an excellent choice for anyone who has a house furnished with carpets as it features whatever you want in a shell of a bathroom mat. Don't forget to wash it with mild detergent and cold water. Try to wash it separately. I think you will have a great experience with this beautiful bath mats.

9.Gorilla Grip Original Shag Chenille Bath Rug

As the name suggests, this chenille bath rug is quite the beast! It provides a strong grip for your feet, allowing you to not worry about slipping. It has TPR covering for its back, which enables it to be more agile and strong than the rest of the bath mats found in the markets with glue or PVC backings. It is ultra plushness pampers your feet as this particular bath rug features a delicate yet durable, soft pile of microfibers that soothes your tired feet to take away the fatigue and shields those little toesies from the cold, hard floor. Its density surpasses the comfort that most other brands provide.

1. The backing is entirely waterproof.
2. Don't use the usual PVC or glues for backing; instead, the more unique and convenient Thermoplastic rubber or TPR is used as backings.
3. The grip is quite strong, so non-slippery.
4. As Thermo Plastic Rubber is non-toxic, it is pet-friendly.
5. Water doesn’t penetrate through the mat.
6. 100 percent chenille fabric.
7. Includes thousands of microfiber.
8. Has a lot of range of color selections.

1. Has great agility.
2. Water resistant and also slip resistant.
3. Easy to wash
4. Just need to throw on the washing machine.
5. Comes with ten years old on question asked warranty.
6. Durable and strong.
7. Offers exceptional comfort and support.

1. Tends to be a bit slippery if the water gets under.

This affordable, yet multi-purpose feeling rug can give you a pleasant experience. People tend to complete about its slipperiness when some water gets under it, but I'd say, the mat being thoroughly water resistant, it doesn't happen a lot. So I suggest if you decide to purchase a gorilla grip mat for your bathroom, try to dry the surface first, then put it on. This way, once the grip gets strong on the floor, water won't go through it and make it slippery. It has no other vice, so you should be alright.

10.Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat Non Slip Absorbent Super Cozy Velvet Bathroom Rug Carpet.

This super comfortable and beautiful and gentle bath mat by Genteele is quite the game changer. As it is filled with ultra soft and good quality Polyurethane memory, it is more comfortable than the common ones. Its outer material is super soft because of its cozy coral velvet like microfiber that will give you the feeling that you have stepped out of a shower and landed on the clouds! Its unique design and nice construction give it an edge over the other bath mats.

1. Thicker and better.
2. Machine washable and machine dryable.
3. Doesn’t allow bleaching or chlorine washing.
4. Absorbent and slip resistant.
5. It is backed with thousands of PVC dots to prevent shifting, slipping, and skidding.
6. Severs multi purposes.
7. Stylish textile and weave details.
8. Has a life time warranty.
9. Supreme quality.
10. Has PVC backings.
11. Comes with so many color options to choose.
12. Weighs around 12.8 ounces.

1. The cushiest and softest bath mat ever.
2. Serves your feet with the delicate they deserve.
3. Take the fatigue away.
4. Easily washable.
5. Very durable.
6. Amazingly knitted.
7. Has beautiful details.
8. Provides with a life long warranty, wow!

1. Couldn’t get my hand on anything dirty, sorry!

Wow, this bath mat is totally out of the world. As I've used it personally, I recommend it. It doesn't slide unless I want it to! Has no problem drying it. It doesn't spread lousy smell. And, boy, is it long lasting bath mat I've ever seen! My family members love it, and it brings the daylight out of my bathroom! It keeps my feet warm and cozy on the long winter shower times. It will remove humidity in the summer times. It will enhance your bathroom décor.

It’s a lot of things to know about bath mats, right! These minor but essential part of your bathroom decor can significantly impact the design of the whole bathroom unexpectedly. To enjoy a refreshing bathing and bath rooming experience that you so much deserve, you don't need to spend a ton of money on it. Instead, invest wisely on a good quality bathroom mat. It will surely improve the experience you're having from your bathroom. I want to help you to cut your list a little short by providing the little information I know about bath mats. I hope it will help you. I also hope your time spend reading the article was worth it. Best of luck choosing the right bath mat for you. Break a leg, won't you?

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