Top 10 Best Handheld Shower Head of 2021

Last Updated On: April 24, 2021

I know that all of you have seen a little device near your bathtub. It is attached with a water pipe. Yes, this is the handheld shower head. So, what exactly it is? Well, it is a handheld device that is used in the shower time for bathing. Water comes from the shower head when the knob is pressed.

Best Handheld Shower Head Of 2021

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Thus how a handheld shower head works. It also can be moved because it is attached with a water pipe. In this article I’m going to tell you why you need a handheld shower head, why should you read the review about “Best hand held shower head” and then I’m going to give you a review about top 10 best handheld shower heads. So let’s begin.


What is This Handheld Shower-head?

Handheld shower heads are the newest addition in the shower technology to make your shower experience a smooth one. Only because it is a new device, we don’t have much idea about this product. That’s why we have to learn about this product at first.

 A handheld shower is divided into two major parts. One of the major parts is shower head and the other part is shower arm.

         Shower head: Shower head is the part where water comes from. This is the main part of the handheld shower head. There are so many holes in the shower head for getting the water as raindrops. The shower head is mainly metallic. But sometimes it can be made of plastics.

         Shower Arm: Shower arm is the region where our hand is placed. This part can be both metallic and plastic made. But there may be a gripping feature which helps us to grab the shower easily. Most of the times in shower our hand will be slippery because of using toiletries products. That’s why a gripping feature will add extra smoothness in bathing experience.

Also there is a switch which turns on the shower. Some advanced switch can control the pressure of water. The whole shower head is attached with a long pipe. This is called the “Hose”. The length of the hose can be different. It depends on the user and usage. The standard length of a hose is 5 foot. But if it is not enough for the user then he can use extra-large size which one is 8 foot long hose.  Also there is a shower-head holder for holding the shower-head.      

How Does a Handheld Shower Head Work?

The handheld showerhead is not a complex object to handle. But you need to know its features to understand the range of the service you can get from this. The handheld shower head is a very easy object in size, shape and handle at all. At first you need to remove the handheld showerhead from the showerhead holder. Press the switch to enable the shower to flow the water from the showerhead. The flow of the water depends on how much pressure you are giving on the switch. If it is very low then the water will flow in smaller rate. If it is very high, then the flow of the water will increase in a great amount. In some handheld showerheads you can control the pressure of the water manually. That means you will get exactly what amount of water you need for your work. This feature is good indeed. Because the amount of water for bathing and the amount of water for the basin is not same. Also there are some tricks that can be helpful for a handheld shower.

  • Use the showerhead with both of your hands to wash every part of your body. Only one hand couldn’t be enough for washing whole body.
  • During the bath sometimes you could need both of your hands. In this case you have to put the handheld showerhead on the showerhead holder. Then you can use it as a mounted shower. So no need to worry about leaving your mounted shower behind.
  • You can wash the whole shower floor and other equipment after the bathing with a handheld shower.
  • Sometimes the showerhead can be jammed due to unexpected obstacles. Make sure that your showerhead is removable so that you can remove the showerhead to clean the obstacle. Also there might be frequent dirt which can reduce or stop the water flowing. Sometimes this problem happens because of the Iron and the Calcium dissolved with the water. So in order to clean this, you need to remove the shower head very frequently.
  • A filter is also used as an accessory with the handheld showerhead.This filter is used to minimize the amount of chlorine in the water. So this could be a good solution from keeping your body from the toxicity of chlorine.

Why Handheld Shower Head Should Be Installed in Your Bathroom? 

Well, I’m telling you exactly why you should use a handheld shower head. For most of the people this might be a new tool to handle. That’s why we can see the ignorance of using this product. But trust me this is beneficial for yourself. You will get smooth bathing experience. Let’s talk about some merits of handheld shower heads which makes this product an unescapable item for shower.

  • The main feature of it is it can be adjustable. This makes the handheld shower head useful for everyone. People of all ages can try this and this really helps users because of its adjustable feature.
  • You can aim for the any part of the tub. This is good for cleaning and rinsing the tub. Cleaning the tub is a very difficult problem in some cases. The cushions of the tub is hidden from the inside and that’s why we can’t take the water in that part. This creates cleaning and the rinsing problem of bathtub. But when you are using the handheld shower head, water will reach in every portion of your bathtub and the cleaning and rinsing problem will get a decent solution.    
  • The heavy pressure of water makes sure that all of the dirt are washed away. Just imagine that you have a mug of water and you are trying to clear the dirt of your bathtub with your hand. This is really disgusting for you, isn’t it? So what could be an intelligent people’s solution? Well, I will use a handheld shower head in this case. The pressure of the water comes from the shower head is really very high. And this is the Practical fact why you can use the handheld shower head to clean your bathtub.  
  • This handheld shower head can reach in every part of your body. So you can make sure that you have cleaned every part of your body. There are so many parts of our body which gets untouched during the bath. For example: the jocks are the main part where the water reaches a little. This can really be dangerous in some cases. Our body needs to wash every day and if any part of it gets untouched then germs can attack in that particular part. Especially it is dangerous for children because they are not aware of bathing properly. If you have a handheld shower head than it will be much easier to reach water in every part of your or your children’s body. Thus a handheld shower will keep you safe from attacks of germs. 
  • You can save your precious time in the case of hurry. Just use the handheld shower head when it is needed for a quick shaving. You can use your handheld shower head to rinse your face while you have to shave quickly. Then use the gel or foam for shaving and when you are complete, use the shower head again to rinse your face. Thus you can prepare yourself more quickly in case of emergency.
  • There are some peoples who suffer from different physical pains. Such as arthritis. For this reason they can’t move their body according to the direction to have a clear shower. It is really difficult for physically handicapped person to move his body accordingly. Also if you are having an injury you have to face this problem. But no more. Because if you use a handheld shower head you can be able to reach the water in every part of your body just by turning your hand. So in this case you don’t have to feel panic.  

These benefits have made this product a good choice for everyone. But these benefits are only fewer one. If you want to get a complete shower package then this product is definitely for you.

Usage of Handheld Showerhead: There Is No Limit

The usage of handheld showers are huge. I mean you can use them in almost everywhere. You can install them in your bathroom for shower. Also they can be attached with bathtub. Handheld shower is a must item in commode. You have to admit it that this is the best option ever in commode. Also you can use the handheld showerhead with your basin. This will give you a smooth shaving experience than before. So the usage of handheld shower head is spreading day by day and they are the future of the next improvised bathing technology.

Which Handheld Showerhead is Suitable for You?

Before determining which handheld showerhead is suitable for you, you have to consider few things in your mind. There are two cases. Do you intend to build a new bathroom? Or you are just trying to install the handheld shower in your current bathroom?

Building or Remodeling Bathroom: If you are remodeling your current bathroom or trying to build a new one then installing both handheld and overhead showerhead separately will beneficial for you. Only a handheld showerhead might not be enough in some cases. Also install a handheld showerhead in your basin and commode. But it might not be good enough for a kitchen in some cases.

Installing Handheld Showerhead in Current Bathroom:In this case you just have to install your handheld showerhead in the bathroom. No additional instalments are required for this case. Some good quality handheld showerheads are adjustable by your own hands. No plumbers, screwdrivers are needed for the instalments. So this is quite easy indeed.

There is also an important fact that should be in your concern. Some peoples can have arthritis in your family. If a person is suffering from shoulder arthritis then it will be very tough for him to get the handheld showerhead if it is installed in a distant height. For them, you have to reconsider your installment and lower down the height of the showerhead so that they can also get the handheld showerhead quite easily. Also you should consider your children for this showerhead instalment.

Why We Need to Check Handheld Showerhead Reviews?

The whole market is full of different products. Among all of these products choosing a suitable product for you is really difficult. Some products are made of plastics and some are made of metals. There are so many cases where plastic handheld shower heads lasted for long time than a metal handheld shower heads. The opposite case is also seen so many times. That’s why we should check the product review to get a clear idea about the product.

How This Review is going to Help You

In this review article I’m going to tell the product name with the product descriptions. All of its product features, pros and cons will be added here for every single product. In the last part I will recommend to buy this product. Only because why I’m telling you this cause it will clear the whole idea of buying a product. Here you will have 10 handheld shower heads review. But you are not going to buy all of these products. Only one or two products will be in the wish list of you. That’s why it is really important for you to take a look at the recommendation for buying this product. I hope you will get the exact idea of buying the suitable handheld shower head for you after reading this article.

10 Best Handheld Shower head Review of 2021

Here you have top 10 handheld shower head 2021. These products are not the only best handheld shower heads at all. But they are really mention worthy when we are taking about top handheld shower heads. You can also see customers review to get the clear idea that why they are so much worthy to get a place in the top ten handheld shower head list.

Also their price and customers review and critics were in my mind when creating this list. That’s why I’m going to tell all of their merits and demerits in this article. Also an important thing to remember that this is not a ranking. The list has been created in the ascending alphabetic order. So without further bragging, let’s begin the top 10 handheld shower head review.Enter your text here...

Batch Anti-Clog shower gives you the unbelievable opportunity of upgrading your shower into a new one which can be compared with a Spa. So what is the difference? It is the best ever handheld shower ever.

You don’t have to worry about drilling or you don’t even need any tool to upgrade your shower with this item. No tension of power drilling, no plumber is needed, even no screwdrivers at all. You will only need your hand to make the adjustments.

You will face a new experience after the installment of Anna Bath Anti-Clog handheld shower.Its water saving feature saves your water bill. In my opinion this is really a very good deal indeed. A huge large face spray (5 inch) will allow you to get more waters at a time.


1. Anti-Clog Nozzle. Effective water and mineral resistant. Easy to remove mineral deposits by pushing the nozzle on.

2. 5 inch large and wide showerhead spray face. It will give you rainfall spa like experience. Very soothing bathing experience that you have never encountered before.

3. Ergonomic handle that gives you a very pleasant grabbing experience. It fits to your hand very comfortably.

4. A large and wide diverter comes with brass connector. This is wider than the standard size that makes it looking stunning. The metal connector is the reason for durability.

5. 5 function showerhead will give you different types of shower experience at your home! This includes Massage spray, Rain spray, Bubbling spray, Massage and Rain mix and Bubbling and Rain mix. You can experience all of them by using only one shower.

6. 5 foot long stainless steel shower hose for a no problem shower experience. Also comes with 2 piece brush nuts.


No installation cost. Just your hands are enough for installing this item in your bathroom.

Its nickel electroplating finishing makes the whole package durable and long lasting.

This product is not polished like other market products. It was coated for long time usage.


The flow of the water is decent but not at very high pressure.

In other words this is a perfect handheld showerhead to try out. Very decent price with such huge amount of features.

Well everybody wants a good gripping experience during the shower time. You have to use so many toiletries during the shower and this will make your hand slippery. In this case you will always want a good quality showerhead with an amazing gripping. This product will amaze you indeed in this case. Also the product is fabulous. Just use this product and see the results. 

Their shipping and packaging systems are also cool. No need to worry about this. Comes with recyclable box and each box contains with a premium 3.5 inch Handheld Showerhead with Chrome Face, Stainless Steel made super flexible Shower Hose and other accessories. And the most important part, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Sounds fair deal indeed, isn’t it?


1. This product has the highest US standard quality. It has been tested and proven so many times.

2. This can be used as both handheld and overhead shower. So you don’t have to worry about installing both of these showers individually. It is an all in one package.

3. 3.5” high power click lever dial, Rub-Clean jets, Ergonomic Grip Handle features. These features help you to clean easily.

4. Overhead Bracket (Angle Adjustable). This helps you to aim the water at any direction or angle even you are not holding the handheld showerhead.

5. 5ft long stainless steel made shower hose pipe. This length is well enough to reach water in every direction of body as well as the whole bathroom.

6. Includes so many accessories like shower hose, plumber’s tape, overhead brackets, gift box etc.


No additional cost needed for installation. Your bare hands are enough to install this shower and basin.

Lifetime warranty makes this item more reliable for use. Though they are durable enough for not having any trouble.

Both handheld shower and overhead shower feature saves your money for not installing an extra overhead shower.


The metal can be affected by the heavy amount of minerals after a very long time use.

Well, this product actually looks promising. Don’t hold back for buying it. The amazing experience is quite sure and there is no doubt about it.

Well, everybody wants all in one package. This is exactly that kind of product. You can get both handheld shower and overhead shower simultaneously with the Delta 4 Spray In2ition handheld showerhead. It has two in one feature that means it can be used separately or simultaneously with the overhead shower.

Also it looks absolutely marvelous and stunning. It is luxurious class product and it gives you 4 types of spray feature. That means you will have all types of shower experience in your own bathroom. Both hot and cold water can be used with this showerhead. I will say this is the real value for money indeed.


1. This is the best dual shower head. The integrated and the handheld showerhead can be used simultaneously or separately.

2. It aims the water exactly in the right location. Thus you can get the water where you need it.

3. It is really useful for bathing your pets. Also you can clean your tub by using this handheld shower.

4. No need of installing cost. Just a few minutes with your hands and you are all done with your shower installment.

5. 4 spray features including Full body spray, Full spray with massage, Fast massage spray.

6. It has a pause feature which stops water flowing instantly. It gives you enough time for shaving and doing other shower stuffs.

7. Water flow rate is 2.50gpm at 80 psi, 9.5 L/min at 550kPa. Color and finish is Chrome. Included with a perfect length hose pipe. 


Really good stuff for cleaning yourself and as well as your pets. So you don’t need another handheld showerhead for your pet.

No installation cost indeed. Only few minutes of work is enough. You can do it by yourself.

Two types of shower in one package comes with all other accessories. 4 types of spray feature gives you Spa like experience at home.   


Very few users claimed that they didn’t find their desired water pressure though the desire varies person to person.

If you are willing to get a good deal and real value for money then grab this product immediately.

Like the pervious product this is another amazing handheld showerhead from the manufacturer Delta. They are offering you 7-spray feature that you might never get anywhere else. Looks absolutely stunning and gives you a luxurious experience like you never had it before anywhere from any product. 

It gives you spa like experience at home and any kind of massage you can have with this handheld showerhead. The gripping is also very good and the product offers you all other accessories along with the showerhead in a very low price. Best value for money deal ever.


1. Soft and rubber Touch-Clean spray holes lets you to easily wash calcium and lime build-up of the spray face allows you with just the touch of your finger.

2. It aims the water exactly in the right location. Thus you can get the water where you need it.

3. It is really useful for bathing your pets. Also you can clean your tub by using this handheld shower.

4. No need of installing cost. Just a few minutes with your hands and you are all done with your shower installment

5. 7 spray features including Full body spray, Full spray with massage, Fast massage spray, Drenching spray, Soft rain spray, Soft drench with full spray.

6. It has a pause feature which stops water flowing instantly. It gives you enough time for shaving and doing other shower stuffs.

7. Water flow rate is 2.50gpm at 80 psi, 9.5 L/min at 550kPa. Color and finish is Chrome. Included with a perfect length hose pipe. 


No need of plumber, screwdrivers or anything for installment. Just use your hand according to the instructions came from the instruction book and you are done.

Good for people as well as all kinds of pets because of the huge spray feature.

Looks gorgeous and stunning. 


The hose was not much flexible according to a very few users.

Great product, no doubt about it. It will turn your bathroom into a spa. You can try this.

It is a different product than others. Yeah, you heard it right. The reason why I’m telling this product a different thing is its manufacturing. This is a new technology based product. 100% pure and real metal is used to manufacture it. The arm holds maximum of the weight of the handheld shower which protects rotation of the brass ball and makes the showerhead more durable.

Huge 4.5” showerhead face is also very effective with its 6 spray feature. The whole package is full of wonders. The hose made with stainless steel comes with the product is also long enough to use in a good manner. Also the hose can be rotated into 360 degree which is quite rare. So it is really pretty much good in my opinion.


1. Unbelievable shower arm mount which is made of solid brass.

2. Very improvised ball connector which never lets to pass any water through it.

3. The metal mount means there is no worry of breaking this. That means it is durable enough for using.

4. Super flexible stainless steel made hose which one is very long. It is 63” and stretchable to 75”.

5. A huge 4.5” shower face including 6 spray settings which gives you spa like experience at home.

6. No plumber, screwdrivers and additional anything is needed. Very easy installation method. Just takes a few time.

7. 10 years warranty makes you easy to use this product without any hesitation.


All types of sprays you need will be added in this package. So no need to worry about the great shower experience.

Quality hose gives you a very good shower experience. No leaking or winding problem will emerge in this case.

A super quality Teflon tape will be added in the package will help you during the installation and will make the process lot easier.


Found nothing. Lol.

So here is the ultimate product. Great deal for sure. Try the product and thank me later.

This is one of the best products in our list. Very impressive features comes with a very cheap price. You will not forget the experience of this product I’m sure about it. 7 settings of spray is really cool which gives you the experience of spa in your bathroom every day. So why are you holding back? It also comes with a great On/Off and Pause feature. Check this thing out.


1. 7 settings spray face which is enough to give you spa experience at home.

2. 4 inch huge shower face gives you the ultimate bathing experience.

3. Power rain, Soft aeration, Massage, Rain/ Massage, Rain/ Aeration and so on features.

4. The shower includes an On/Off featured switch. It also has pause feature.

5. No installation cost, no need of extra time. Very easy connection method.

6. Lifetime warranty gives you a hesitation free shower experience.    


All types of sprays you need will be added in this package. So no need to worry about the great shower experience.

Really good stuff for cleaning yourself and as well as your pets. So you don’t need another handheld showerhead for your pet.

No installation cost. Just your hands are enough for installing this item in your bathroom.


Might affect by junk if it is not properly washed regularly.

Cool product. Recommendation will be buying this if your need matches their features.

This product is really cool. Very much affordable. But gives you some amazing features. It has the water conservation feature which saves both the water and the energy. It has a very good water flow rate which will amaze you. So in my opinion this could be a good choice for you. A must try item indeed.


1. 2.0 gallon water will fill in just one minute. It saves almost 20% water usage.

2. 72 inch long hose. Non removable flow compensator and tangle-free feature.

3. 9 jet turbo massage. From the great forceful to gentle.

4. This is a non-aerating spray that means it saves energy.No maintenance cost is needed.


No installation cost, maintenance cost is needed.

Easy to clean. Self-cleaning is enough.

Metal hose makes is extremely flexible and easy to use.


Some people got a bit lower water pressure than listed.

This is the Miata of all shower heads. Just go for it.

This luxurious product comes with the hose and the shower mount. This is a great opportunity to decorate your bathroom into a splendid getup. Spa like shower is possible at home now. This product is designed with 6 spray settings that means it has huge features. So you don’t have to worry about both the features and quality. Also its affordable price is quite impressive. You will never get this type of product in such a affordable amount.


1. It has multiple modes which can be adjustable at any time.

2. Very high pressure water flow means huge amount of water in a very short time.

3. It is about 2.5gpm.

4. It has flow restrictor and a sand filter disk feature.

5. Premium quality indeed. Very nice nickel brush finished. Looks very gorgeous.

6. Comes with lifetime warranty so no hesitation indeed.   


The water saver mode both saves water and energy. So you will be beneficial.

6 spray settings gives you spa like experience.

The hose can be stretchable to 4.92ft which is quite impressive.  


Sincere less usage will lead to junk problem easily.

Looks very gorgeous to me. It is really going to change the look of your bathroom.

Looking for a great massage at home? Well this is the solution for you. You will get the ultimate massage experience along with a full body relaxing experience with this showerhead. It is a high-pressure showerhead and comes with 5 different modes. Frankly it can be declared as the best handheld shower head for low water pressure. So in such an affordable price this could be a great deal for you. Check the features out.


1. Newly advanced OptiFlow technology. It gives the maximum high pressure.

2. Chrome handheld showerhead comes with 5 refreshing settings.

3. A large 5 foot shower hose is for having bath very comfortably.

4. Comes with an adjustable angle bracket. Helps for easy shower head positioning.

5. Rub clean and anti-clog shower nozzles are included.


Long hose helps for bathing kids, pets and other things.

Adjustable angle bracket helps you to have water in any position at any direction.

The new Optiflow technology will give you a great shower experience even at low pressure.


Hose was not pretty much appealing according to some users.

In such low and affordable price this this will be literally a great deal indeed.

This product is featuring in top and high class resorts all over the word. This is the best handheld shower head high pressure is nothing to worry about for this product. Very high pressure shower gives you around 2.5gpm flow rate. It is equipped with 50 full coverage sprays and 8 center massage jets. It contains several features and patterns that gives you the ultimate shower experience at home. Now spa is at your home.


1. Refines up to 95% chlorine from water.

2. Dechlorinating water saves you from absorbing chlorine and inhaling its vapor from hot water steam.

3. Uses KDF-55 granules as filter media

4. There is a backflush attachment available to prevent premature clogging.

5. Reduces lime and fungi build up in bathroom fixtures.

6. Longest lasting shower filter. It can filter 20,000 gallons of water approximately for a year before the filter will need replacement.


360o Anystream feature means it can be rotated to every direction.

8 types of spray settings give you all type of shower experience.

User friendly item. Easy to install and use.


Hard to find any.

So here it is a luxurious product which gives you full spa like experience at your home.


The purpose of whole article is to introduce you with these top products. You may see a lot of products in the market but not all of them are going to be good value for money. That’s why a review of top 10 handheld shower product is needed to be read.

Also you should give attention to customers review to know the merits and demerits of this product. And when your budget and need satisfies the model, you can buy for any of them. Happy showering.


(Last Updated On: April 24, 2021)
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