The Top 10 Best Rain Showerhead Review

Last Updated On: October 23, 2018

There was a time when we had to pour water in our bodies with a mug during the shower. But industrial revolution has changed the process of bathing also. Now you don’t have to pour water into bucket for bathing. Just a switch pressing and water will automatically spray at your body like a rain.

Best Rain Showerhead Review

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So what is that product we are talking about? Yes, as you can probably guess, we are talking about rain shower-heads. Best rain shower head is the topic of the matter we are going to discuss about. But at the beginning of the product review, let’s learn a bit about the rain shower-heads.

What is a rainfall showerhead?

Well, there are a lot of shower-heads in the market. Overhead showerhead, handheld showerhead, 45 degree showerhead, rainfall showerhead and many more. The main thing you were thinking why all of these? And what is the difference between all of them. Well rainfall showerhead is just a type of the overhead showerhead.

It is installed over the upper side of the wall. It is flat and generally square shaped. The shower face is wider than the general and it has so many nozzles. The water comes from this showerhead is just looks like raindrops and the droplets also feels like rainfalls. That’s why it is called a rainfall showerhead.

Top 10 Best Rain Showerhead Review of 2018

Here you will have the top 10 best rain showerhead review. But remember that this is not ranking. And also there are a lot of products in the market. Some of them are really good. But top 10 list is really tiny for adding these good items in the list. But the products who made a place in the list in this review are really mention worthy.

My review is written according to the product features and customers review. Also customer’s critics are added here. So you will get to know both pros and cons of these products. Without further bragging let’s begin our top 10 best rain showerhead product review.

1. Delta RP52382 Universal Showering Components, Touch-Clean Raincan Showerhead

Delta rain shower head is the ultimate showering option for you undoubtedly. Your morning will not be in a hurry. This will be really helpful for you to prepare yourself for office in no time. It is designed especially for a rain like experience at shower time. 

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The whole product looks like a luxurious package which will reflect your personality as well. The Ruiz-1 Spray 8-3/4 in showerhead will give you amazing experience undoubtedly. Time to get the ultimate features of this product


1. Drenching rain feature will give you the ultimate experience.

2. This full body spray will take water to every part of your body making sure that you had an excellent bath.

3. It is WaterSense® rated. So now you can enjoy a warm bathing experience when using 20% less water.

4. Touch-Clean® soft rubber spray holes will help for easily wiping away the buildup with the touch of your finger.

5. It is very easy to install. No Problem at all, just you need to read the instruction book. No plumbers, screwdrivers are needed.

6. Very easy to maintain. Easily cleaning feature.


This product is better than most of the expensive products. So it is really good to have a quality product in such low price.

A full drench experience will surely create a mark in your heart. The showerhead is wider and larger to give you this drenching experience.

The flow pressure is really outstanding that you will fall in love with this product.


Why are you looking at the cons? It is really a good product.

Ultimately the product is totally good at such a cheap price. I will recommend you to go for it.

2. Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower 8-Inch Showerhead

A perfect rain shower experience is everyone’s desire.  This product is made especially for getting a perfect rain shower. Its 8 inch rain showerhead offers you immersion technology. This technology will provide you three times more spray power than most of the showerheads commonly found in the market.

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You can adjust the water flow very easily with the help of a lever. So you don’t have to worry whether you want a full body spray or concentrated rinse. The design is quite impressive and suitable for your basin, bathroom and kitchen as well.


1. 8-inch wide rain showerhead offers you the immersion technology. This lets you to have 3 times more spray at a time.

2. The water flow is adjustable. You can adjust it by just the turn of a lever. You can switch to any position between full spray and concentrated rinse mode.

3. It is designed like standard models so that it can fit into anywhere. It fits to all standard ½- 14 nation pipe thread.

4. Very attractive design and highly durable. It has chrome finish which makes it more durable and amazing as well.

5. You will have the backup of Moen’s limited lifetime warranty


It has the immersion technology. This is the newest technology in shower product. It will give you three times more water at a time.

Very easy to install. No installation cost will be needed for this process. You just need your hand and the instruction book.

It gives you a limited lifetime warranty. That’s why no hesitation to use this.  


The price of this product might be a matter of concern for very cheap budget holders. But you know you are getting what exactly you are paying.

I see no particular problem with this product. It looks really good and offers you very impressive features. I will tell you to try this item.

3. Waterpik RPB-173 2.5 GPM RainFall + Shower Head

The ultimate experience is the main feature of this product. Comes with 6 inch showerhead face. It gives you a complete shower experience. It has OptiFLOW technology which improves the water force.

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The 9 inch long adjustable arm will reach water at any part of your bathroom. So now bathing is more addictive. It will give you such pleasure bathing experience that you might never want to get out from your bathroom. It also install in minute which saves both time any money.


1. It creates a smooth drenching shower experience that makes you feel better than before.

2. The newest OptiFLOW technology is used which increases the wearer flow. 

3. The overhead shower is adjustable that’s why you can have water at anywhere.

4. It is designed such as it can fit to any standard shower arm.

5. The installation is very simple and cool. You don’t need any plumber to install this.

6. It is stylish, chrome finished and 6 inch large spray face for getting a smooth bathing experience.


Very good product in such a cheap price. So it is going to be a real value for money.

No installation cost reduces the overall cost of installation. So it gives you the whole package at a minimum cost.

Its large 6 inch spray face is more than enough to give you rainfall shower experience at home.


Reckless installing will lead to leakage of the showerhead.

I will not say anything more. If it is what you were looking for, just grab it and thank me later.

4. ALFI Brand RAIN16R 16-Inch Solid Round Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head, Brushed Stainless Steel

When you want to decorate your bathroom like a luxurious one then you have to select product wisely. Also the design and the fashion of that product might be in your concern. This product actually offers you the ultra-thin feature which will satisfy the top class fashion sense of you. 

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But also the quality is the main priority for any product. That’s why this is made of stainless steel which ensures you its durability and top class service. It is just 2mm thick which is quite unbelievable.


1. The whole showerhead is made of stainless steel. This actually increases the durability of the showerhead.

2. Brushed stainless steel finish makes it look like nickel color. It looks like a mirror that you can even see your face on it.

3. The diameter of the showerhead is 16”. It is more than enough if you compare this with a standard showerhead.

4. It is only 2mm thick. This ultra-thin feature is quite impressive and rare indeed.

5. It gives you a swivel adapter which will let you to angle the shower during the bathing.

6. It comes with 5 different nozzles so that you can use another one when one of them are clogged.


This is super ultra-thin. Looks really great and amazing. Your neighbors will be amazed by watching this for sure.

No installation cost will be added on the list. So you have a reduced amount of cost and it is going to be a good invest indeed.

The swivel adapter is going to help you with directing the angle of the showerhead


After the long time usage, minerals can affect your showerhead if there are excessive amount of minerals in your water.

But to be honest this product really looks too much cool. I have seen them in so many luxurious hotels. So you can put your trust on this product.

5. Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead, 10- Inch, Chrome

This showerhead offers you a very unique shower experience. It has a large 9.375- Inch showerhead. When the water falls, it feels like softer and plumper. This is possible only because it offers you Airpower technology. 2.5 GPM flow rate is really awesome and it has some other great features.

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Really an outstanding package that you might never find anywhere. So this is your chance to make a good value for money deal. The drenching of water will really impress you and that’s the promise of the manufacturer.


1. The large showerhead (9.375 inches) will give you the ultimate shower experience. The water will fall like the rainfall all over your bathroom.

2. The spray disc is chrome plated. That’s why it will run for the very long time.The design is outstanding. You will fall in love with this.

3. QucikClean anti-calcification function makes the cleaning process lot easier than before.

4. The Limescale deposits can be easily rubbed from the flexible silicon nozzles.

5. The Airpower technology helps you to get the soft and pleasant droplets of water.    


The newest Airpower technology will make the water droplets more soft and pleasant. You will just feel the rain if your close your eyes.

This overhead showerhead is wide enough to cover the whole bathroom of yours.

You don’t have to spend any extra cost over the installation. Fits to any standard shower arm.


Some people find it over costly. But in my opinion the price is fair enough according to the features.

So, here I have dropped the ultimate overhead showerhead for you. Just don’t hesitate to buy it. The quality of course satisfies the price.

6. HotelSpa Giant 10” Stainless Steel Rainfall Square Showerhead with Solid Brass Adjustable Extension Arm 

If you are searching for a quality product then this is the right pick for you. Absolute premium quality product from the renowned showerhead manufacturer “HotelSpa”.

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They are offering you a giant 10” stainless steel shower head which one is large enough to cover the whole part of your bathroom. The square look also makes it an astonishing product. I bet you that everyone will love this product. Also comes with solid brass and adjustable extension arm.


1. The rainfall showerhead is 10” large and made of stainless steel. It is 304 stainless steel constructed.

2. 100 nozzles give you super water flow that you might never found anywhere

3. The extension arm will give you 100% durability and it is solid brush constructed.

4. The ultra-thin quality and the 10 “square shower-face look makes it a very gorgeous product.

5. Easy installation. No extra cost is need


All new shower technologies have used in this product. That’s why this is the latest and the ultimate product of shower heads.

It is adjustable that’s why you don’t have to worry to rotate the shower arm into 180 degree at any time.

Very easy to clean rub clean jets. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning this showerhead.


Tightening the nuts are kind of challenging indeed.

I don’t see any problem at all. I would say this is a must try item for you if you think the price satisfies your budget.

7. ShowerMaxx Premium Shower Head – Luxury Rainfall High Pressure 6”, Removable Water Restrictor

Are you really thinking about the next spa? I think you are worrying about it that when it will be. But no need to worry right now. Because this product will give you spa like experience at home. 

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Also its 90 precision high pressured jet nozzles will give you a rainfall that you will feel under the shower. Also it saves your money. Because you don’t need any plumber to install the showerhead in your bathroom.


1. It has 90 precision engineered high jet nozzle which will give you a tremendous shower experience like rainfall at your home.

2. The water flow rate is 2.5GPM. This mean high pressure water flow that will help you in the time of emergency.

3. This product got flow restriction and sand filter disk. So you can now control the water flow and also it filters sand from the water.

4. Premium quality and chrome polished showerhead. So it looks like a luxurious one.

5. It gives you the peace of mind lifetime warranty. So it is really great for hesitation-less use.    


Want the rainfall experience at home? Okay, no problem at all. Just grab this item and see the result.

Spa is now even closer. No need to go to a spa. You can now make you home into a spa just by installing this showerhead.

Looks absolutely gorgeous and luxurious. You will fall in love with it.


Why are you searching cons for such a tremendous product?

So ultimately you can easily go for that product. Don’t hesitate. If you are looking for a quality product then this is the right choice for you.

8. EMBATHER Shower System – Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set for Bathroom

All of us are just kind of in search for both quality and look. So here is the best option for you. Bathing is a regular work which needs to be done. Your mood depend a lot on your morning shower. This shower system is offering you the ultimate shower experience at home. So you just have to try it and then get to a conclusion. Very luxurious looking that your neighbors will surely get amazed by just looking at it. And the whole credit goes to you.

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1. This whole package includes 12” fixed showerhead, 16” shower arm, a brass handheld showerhead, and 71” shower hose, shower holder and control bulb. So you can say that it is a complete package.

2. It is brushed nickel a nickel, got stainless steel and brass parts.

3. The whole new Air injection technology to give you rainfall experience.

4. It reduces noises. So now you don’t have to stop the shower to hear words from outside.

5. It saves maximum 30% water. So you are going to save the water bill also.

6. It is very easy to install and maintenance. So say goodbye to unnecessary worries.


It is a complete package. You will find everything here. So you don’t need to order anything from other manufacturer. You will get all of the things what you need.

It has some tremendous new features and technologies like Air injection and water saving etc. They are really improving the quality of the product.

It reduces the unnecessary noise so that you can hear words from the inside of your bathroom without turning off your shower.


They should improve the rubber quality. Some of the users claimed that the rubber quality didn’t fulfill their expectation.

Just hit the button and grab the item. Nothing more and nothing less.

9. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9” Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo

Let’s think about a luxurious showerhead in your bathroom. What qualities should your showerhead have? Well, all of these qualities will be found in the DreamSpa Ultra Luxury 9” Rainfall Showerhead. It also has handheld feature. So you can say that it is a combo. You will be amazed by its9 inch shower head, angle adjustable feature, revolutionary push button feature and many more. It also include 2 way water diverter. In one word, it is a complete package for your family.

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1. It is a perfect rainfall shower system. You just have to close your eyes.

2. It has the push button feature which can control the water flow.

3. 9” large showerhead for the whole family.

4. The handheld showerhead also got the push button water flow control.

5. No cost installation. Why you need a plumber when you can install it all by your own within a few minutes.

6. You can return or exchange the product if you don’t like it. Also you are getting a limited lifetime warranty while purchasing the product.


A dual combo pack for the whole family. From Grandpa to children can use this showerhead.

Good stuff for cleaning your pets as it comes with the handheld shower feature also

Push button feature saves water and water bill as well.   


Flow wasn’t that much accurate according to some users.

When we are searching for quality product, then money is not a matter at all. I will recommend you to try this product at first and then get to a conclusion.

10. Blue Ocean 52” Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head, 8 Multi-functional Nozzles

This product is the latest addition in the shower industry. Will lot of features that I can’t even count. It is ISO-9001 certified so you don’t have to worry about the quality of this showerhead. It is totally built of aluminum so you can be assured of its durability. It also contains 8 body massage nozzles which will make sure that you are getting spa like experience at your home. After everyday ‘s hard work, you will get the heavenly pleasure under the shower.

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1. Totally aluminum body made. Size: 52” height, 10” width, 3.5” Deep.

2. It has 8 adjustable nozzles which will give you water massage at home.

3. It has temperature display. So now you can adjust the water temperature by your own.

4. It comes with both rainfall showerhead and handheld showerhead.

5. All of the functions work independently that’s why you can make sure what’s going on and thus you can get perfect water pressure.


Perfect showerhead size. I will say more than enough. Also it has handheld feature. So good for all members of your family including your pets.

The water temperature display is the ultimate addition in this product. Helps you to adjust the water temperature as you wish.

The water flow rate and water pressure is more than you expected.


LOL, don’t listen to stalkers. Just grab this and thank me later.

Some products doesn’t need review. This is one of them. I wish you are already up to buy this.


Q.1: Which showerhead will fit into my shower arm?

A.1: Well it depends actually. There are a lot types of shower arm as you know. Different one has a different size. So you must check it out before buying a showerhead.

Q.2: Will a rainfall showerhead will work like a 45 degree showerhead?

A.2: Actually no. Rainfall showerheads are overhead showerhead. Though some overhead showerheads can be attached into a 45 degree showerhead but the water pressure will be decreased in this case.

Q.3: Will it be easy to install or repair a new showerhead?

A.3: Absolutely yes. Why do spend money on plumber? You can easily install the showerhead in the shower arm. Just read the instruction book carefully to avoid any error.

Q.4: Is this going to be a good invest? Or I will continue with my 45 degree showerhead?

A.4: I think you are kind of old fashioned. There rainfall showerheads will give you rainfall like experience. Just try this and thank me later.


So here it is, the ultimate rainfall showerhead buying guideline and top 10 rainfall showerhead review. It wasn’t easy to write this review indeed. You know there are lot of products in the market and only 10 picks become just a very few amount.

Still I wanted to manage to pick the ultimate 10 product. I hope you have read these reviews thoroughly. Otherwise you can be easily cheated by the evil manufacturers. Act wisely and choose the best product for you and your family. Happy showering hour fellas!           

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)
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