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Last Updated On: April 24, 2021

We all use water purifiers to clean the drinking water. As we don’t want the harmful contaminants that are mixed in water, to enter our body. But do you know that some of those contaminants can enter your body without consuming it directly? Yes, studies have shown that we absorb lots of chemical and other harmful substances if we’re exposed to them for a long period of time. The lifeguards and swimmers of highly chlorinated swimming pools have shown symptoms of asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Best Shower Filter Review

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Similarly, if you shower with chlorinated water every day, you will most likely notice dry skin and hair more unmanageable. If you’re more sensitive to chlorine then it will turn your skin more elastic and make you age quickly and your skin will show bumps. So does the mineral of hard water, like magnesium, lead etc.

Since skin is the largest organ of our body we can’t risk its well-being. To protect your skin from the harshness of hard water many shower filters are manufactured and available. Choosing one according to your need can be a difficult task.

So in this article, I’ll tell you about shower filters, how they work, why you should install one in your home and reviews of some top-notch shower filters.


Handheld shower heads are the newest addition in the shower technology to make your shower experience a smooth one. Only because it is a new device, we don’t have much idea about this product. That’s why we have to learn about this product at first.

 A handheld shower is divided into two major parts. One of the major parts is shower head and the other part is shower arm.

        Showerhead Filters: They are similar to regular showerheads, sometimes bigger. Their installation is very easy. Requires no plumbers or tools, just your hands are enough. They usually keep the water pressure and filter the harmful particles out of your shower water.

         In-line Shower Filter: In this type of shower filter you won’t need to change your existing showerhead, just install the filter between the showerhead and the water line. It will filter the water before it reaches the showerhead. They are a good choice if you just need the filter and not the showerhead.

         Both In-line and Showerhead Filter: They use both types of shower filter together. The in-line shower filter is installed directly to the water line and the showerhead is attached to it. They don’t reduce the pressure and uses effective filter media to refine water.

And, according to the aptitude of the filtration cartridge, water filters can be classified into three types:

          Multi-level Carbon Filters: This is the most popular design around. Mostly used to filter drinking water. This design pushes the water through average 10-12 filter mediums and each media is designed for certain contaminants. This model is very effective at removing chlorine but not much against chloramines. It is a budget-friendly option for its affordable price. And those who don’t take frequent hot showers can consider this type of model since it’s less effective in hot water.

          KDF Filters: It stands for Kinetic Degradation Flux-ion. This filter uses granulated copper and zinc as filter media. They’re very effective against chlorine, bacteria, and viruses.  But not as much as filtering chloramines though. It used as an addition to carbon filter and removes most of the contaminants usually found in municipal water.

          Vitamin C Filters: Vitamin C filters are best used with carbon filters or KDF filters. This filter cartridge works greatly against removing both chlorine and chloramines. It creates a chemical reaction that turns chlorine and chloramines into harmless components. They are also very good for skin and hair, improvements were noticed. But it alone cannot clarify any other particles rather than chlorine and chloramines.

Top 10 Best Shower Filter Reviews of 2021

Choosing one shower filter among many choices available in the market can be challenging. So researching data, customer’s reviews and critics I’ve prepared a list of the filters that are leading the shower filter market. But it is not a ranking, only a list of top rated shower filters that you may want to check before finalizing any.

Ever wondered why your hair skin and hair is getting drier than before also why your shower faucets have mineral build-up on them? If you live in West Florida or Sarasota, chances are you already know why, the torment of hard water. If you are provided with a filter which is able to clarify the chlorine and minerals of water and give you nice soft skin with shiny hair wouldn’t it be wonderful!

This Culligan filtered showerhead does exactly that! It filters the impurities of water, the harshness of chlorine, damaging scale build-up that can harm your skin. It will also reduce sulfur odor and ensure a healthy bath for you and your family.


1. Wall-mounted and filter shower head. It can deliver a maximum of 2.0 gallon per minute.

2. Meets the standard of EPA Water Sense certification.

3. Patented bacteriostatic, that reduces the growth of bacteria and gives you a nourishing shower than before.

4. The filter cartridge installed, can filter 10,000 gallons without needing to change and will last 6 months.

5. To reduce chlorine, the filter system of this shower head is certified by NSF International against ANSI standard 177.

6. Five spray setting is available to suit your mood. Pulse and invigorating massage spray included.

7. Can be installed in any standard ½” threaded shower arm. Comes with a Teflon tape.


Super easy installation. Lightweight and requires no tool to install.

The anti-clog rubber spray nozzles are easily cleanable.

It can clean almost 99 percent of chlorine from water.

Gives you a refreshing shower experience with healthier skin and hair.

A filter change sticker is included which will remind you to change the filter cartridge.


The filtered water can be a bit harder than bottled water.

It’s the best shower filter for hard water, so if you’re suffering from hard water this could be your forever lasting solution!

Just like the previous Culligan filtered showerhead model, this also has all those exquisite qualities available. On top of that in hand-held shower head version. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, this model will work wonderfully.

 You won’t need a plumber to install this in your bathroom, just use your hands to set it as instructed and it’s done. You’ll want to flush out the filtering media after setting it up. This model is also certified by NSF International against ANSI standard 177. So, it can protect you and family from the toxicity of chlorine and other minerals.


1. Hand-held filtered shower head that meets the EPA water sense certificate of maximum 2.0 gpm.

2. Anti-clog rubber nozzles are easy to clean and don’t let lime to build up.

3. This filtered shower head offers five totally different spray settings for your comfort.

4. The WHR-140 cartridge filters the sulfur odor, chlorine, and scales which makes your hair malnourished and the scalp itchy and dry for 6 months with no interruptions, up to 10,000 gallons.

5. Chrome finish on plastic, giving it an elegant look.

6. Takes only a few moments to install.

7. Comes with a flexible 5' metal extension hose.

8. It can fit in any ½” threaded shower arm.


Reduces chlorine level from water and minimizes scale build up. Also filters all kinds of odors.

Purifies water and blesses you with your shiny natural smooth hair and skin.

The water pressure and spray patterns are adjustable.

Uniquely designed hand-held shower head with a metal hose that allows you to reach isolated muscles for a massage shower.


Quite expensive.

If you want the best Culligan shower experience in a hand-held showerhead and a spa-like experience every day, there is nothing better than this.

Chlorine is used to disinfect water and to kill bacteria and other germs. We use the water filter to filter the chlorine from our drinking water, but what do we about the shower? Almost 50 percent of chlorine exposure is caused in the shower. The longterm use of unfiltered water can negatively affect your body. Absorption of chlorine through the skin and the inhalation of its vapor will be an obstacle between the well-being of you and your family.

This showerhead model is the strongest chlorine shower filter available in the market. It is equipped with a reversible filter cartridge that will filter chlorine and other chemicals from your water for one long year. Its shower filtration technology is leading for 15 years and has owned more than 18 US patents.


1. This high performance filtered shower head is a combination of easy operation and maintenance with reliable technology.

2. Sprite shower filters are equipped with patented Chlorgon non-carbon media which outperforms the other carbon filters in the market.

3. Massaging shower head with a high capacity filter

4. The shower head can swivel in any direction you want

5. Offers three shower settings

6. HOC model reversible filter cartridge.


Filters the chlorine and reduces the odor from your water impressively.

Softer hair and smoother skin, an exceptional improvement in fighting dry scalp and dandruff.

No more tough time breathing in the shower

Very affordable price


The shower head didn’t last long in some cases, but the filter worked as it should in every case.

Filters chlorine perfectly but doesn’t do much in the part of hard water

Do you ever feel like your water smells the same as a swimming pool? If you do then it’s because of the pH level of your water is low and has a lot of chemicals, such as chlorine in it. Chemicals are used in swimming pool to sterilize it. But chlorine and other chemicals in your regular shower can harm you.

While taking a hot shower the chlorine vaporizes enters your bloodstream through lungs and makes breathing uncomfortable. But this unique designed filter of Aquasana uses the natural coconut shell to filter out chlorine and other chemicals, improves air, raises pH level and gives you a healthy shower experience.


1. To filter chlorine, lead, iron, mercury, pesticides, and other volatile chemical components, it uses coconut shell carbon and copper & zinc media by enhancing the pH balance.

2. Treats your hair and skin gently. Removes all harmful chemicals from your shower and moisturizes your body.

3. The Aquasorb HX coconut shell carbon is made especially for reducing chlorine. And the copper/zinc mix cleans it further and gives you pristine clean water.

4. It offers a two-stage up-flow design which makes it more one of a kind and prevents clogging, maintains water pressure and height of shower head.

5. You can customize your shower with multiple massage setting that is available in this premium massage shower head.

6. Before needing replacement it can filter up to 10,000 gallons for 6 months. Also, the replacing operation is simple too – just twist it, no tools needed.

7. Easy to install and maintain


Healthy shower, free from chemical toxicity.

Use less shampoo and soap, soften your hair and skin naturally with clean water

Shiny hair, less hair fall and soft moisturized skin every day

Versatile design. You can use it in both wall-mount and hand-held version


The cost of the replacement filter is too expensive

Doesn’t soften hard water

Overall it is one of the best shower filter for hair and skin. Get one and see the unmatched excellence of this filter by yourself.

This is another shower filter model with an amazing DE chlorinating feature. We already know what an excessive exposure to chlorine can do to your body since you deserve the best; this shower filter uses specially formulated KDF®-55filter media.

As soon as the chlorine comes in contact with this filter media, it transforms the chlorine into a harmless and environment-friendly component.


1. Clarifies up to 90% chlorine from water. Purifies water by trapping other harmful chemicals components.

2. Specially formulated KDF-55 filter media is used to filter chlorine and other chemicals.

3. Takes remarkable care of your hair and skin. Noticeable soft and younger looking skin with naturally shiny hair. Hair dye stays longer and less hair fall.

4. Also comes with Amcor massage head with comfortable spray setting

5. A versatile model which can be easily converted into a hand-held model

6. The polyester filter element is used which enhances the cartridge performance

7. Before needing replacement it can filter 25,000 gallons while lasting 6-9 months


A long-lasting solution relating to chlorine.

No installation cost or professional help needed to install it

Reasonable price

Reminds to change the filter when time


Found nothing worth mentioning.

Very effective when it comes to filtering chlorine. If you’re searching for a shower filter which would last longer than other ones, this could be your best choice.

If you use hair color product ever felt that they are fading out faster than they should? If you have chlorine or toxic water that this should sound familiar to you. But you won’t have to deal with anymore since Water-chef is presenting a luxurious shower filter that will not only save your skin and water from the negativity of chlorine but will also help to preserve the natural oil.

The stylish and strong two-stage system reduces chlorine from your water significantly and also the shower head offers 5 adjustable spray patterns. The Water-chef also proposes a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with the product.


1. ABS plated on metal fittings with polished chrome

2. Powerful 2 stage system with advanced Thermal-guard

3. Certified by NSF International, proved to be trustworthy

4. The shower wand is equipped with 5 adjustable shower settings with relaxing pulse spray pattern

5. Comes with 60-inch stainless flexible hose and anti-clog spray nozzle

6. One cartridge has the capacity to filter 10,000 gallons


The cartridge is pre-installed.

Quick tool-free installation

Doesn’t reduce water pressure at all

Gets rid of the chlorine smell and immediately gives you smooth skin and manageable hair


Found nothing worth mentioning.

If you think your skin itchiness is because of your water then I recommend this filter to you. Just remember to change the cartridge in every six months don’t drop it.

If you’re suffering from hard and chlorinated water then this is what you’ve been missing till now. According to the customers who bought it, it works wonderfully against hard water; you won’t get a chance to complain! Dewifier multistage shower filter makes sure that you get the best water after maximum filtration.

This is the latest addition to filtration technology. To prove their product’s efficiency they even provide a water testing kit. All you have to do is to put 1-2drops of reagent inDewifier’s filtered water and normal tap water. Wait ten minutes and see the difference yourself. The filtered water will come out much softer.


1. Dewifier water softener is the ultimate softener and purifier available in the market. Its multistage water purification is unrivaled.

2. The filter includes,

High-density steel mesh which will prevent larger crusts to rush out with your shower water. And the polypropylene cotton filters out the smaller ones.

Granulated activated coconut carbon removes chlorine, THMs, and other organic impurities.

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Media dechlorinates water, metal and limits the growth of bacteria regardless of water temperature. The ceramic ball does the same.

Resin prevents the mineral components to harden water and cause lime to build up.

3. This filter is compatible with wall-mount, handheld and combo shower heads, so no need to worry about its fittings. Any ½” threaded configuration will do just fine.


The filtered chlorine free water prevents fast aging and wrinkles also diminishes acne breakouts.

Does both, filters chemicals and softens shower water

No tools installation

The visible difference within the first wash


Softens water to a degree of hardness, but doesn’t work completely on extremely hard water.

Hard water won’t be a headache anymore as soon as you install this filter in your bathroom. I highly recommend it.

This shower filter is different compared to the others. Because along with the incredible feature it offers it also includes a sturdy long lasting body. And the filter cartridge consists of filter media like no other. To remove carbon dust just keep the showers running for 8-10 minutes. They warranty 120% customer satisfaction and that clearly proves their confidence in the product they make.


1. Reduces chlorine and the odor with it, making breathing in shower easier.

2. Nourishes your skin and hair, skin feels much softer and younger

3. Prevents the growth of bacteria, minimizes the risk of skin rashes, allergies, asthma, bronchitis etc

4. Comes with 2 filter cartridges. Each is to last approximately 3-6 months depending on the hardness of the water, filtering 5000-10000 gallons of water

5. The filtering system includes highly pure KDF-55, Granulated activated carbon, ceramic balls, pp cotton, maifan balls that adds good minerals in water to balance pH and calcium sulfite which is more effective than other filtering media in removing chlorine, lead, aluminum etc. heavy metals.

6. 120% satisfaction guaranteed; full refund and 20% credit upon dissatisfaction


The filtered water is good for kids and pets.

The chrome plated ABS technology used makes it extra durable and effective in fully filtering your shower water without interruption.

Reduces hair loss and improves breathing by preventing you from inhaling chlorine vapor.

Ensures a full year of filtered water with the all in one package.

One extra filter cartridge.


Reduces water pressure a bit in the process of filtering.

This product is leading in chlorine shower filter and also a great combination of both price and service. Your money won’t go wasted I can guarantee that.

Another shower filter that works magnificently for removing chlorine from your shower water. It balances the water pH and removes synthetic chemicals from water making it taste like spring water as some customers have said. And treats your skin and body gently too, giving you a healthy bathing experience.


1. Two-stage shower filter to transform contaminated water into pristine clear.

2. Filters minerals from tap water.

3. Adds healthy potassium ion in water to rises pH level to a healthy degree.

4. Keeps the water pressure intact.


Installing is very easy and saves you the installation fee

The filter gives no trouble if you change it every six months

The filtered shower water will make you feel the freshness of nature

Acne and blemishes caused by chlorine will be gone

Turn your hair to be more manageable and reduce hair loss


The quality control is poor; some customers complained that their product came with defective parts.

Amazing features that work exactly as it’s described. It is a sure buy if you have hard water; customers are fairly satisfied with the filter.

It is an efficient shower head that uses KDF 55 granules to filter out the chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Gets rid of the offending smell and provides you the clean water that you deserve. They claim to purify your shower water by filtering up to 95% of chlorine and protect your skin. Satisfied customers are a huge proof of that.


1. Refines up to 95% chlorine from water.

2. Dechlorinating water saves you from absorbing chlorine and inhaling its vapor from hot water steam.

3. Uses KDF-55 granules as filter media

4. There is a backflush attachment available to prevent premature clogging.

5. Reduces lime and fungi build up in bathroom fixtures.

6. Longest lasting shower filter. It can filter 20,000 gallons of water approximately for a year before the filter will need replacement.


Effective in reducing chlorine as well as hydrogen sulfide, scale, algae, microorganisms etc.

The filtering process is entirely safe and causes no side-effects

Nourishes your hair and skin, and you feel livelier after every shower

Works best against hard water

Adjustable in both wall-mount and handheld showerhead


The quality control is poor; some customers complained that their product came with defective parts.

Amazing features that work exactly as it’s described. It is a sure buy if you have hard water; customers are fairly satisfied with the filter.

Why do I need a Filter in my Shower?

If you’re not using a whole house shower filter then it is important that you consider installing a showerhead filter. Your shower water may be more polluted than it may actually seem. Contaminants come in contact with water in many ways. Like from your municipal pipeline, sometimes instead of using steel the authority turns to lead because of its longevity.

But nothing stays intact forever, with time lead starts decaying bit by bit and ends up in your water. And you must have noticed if any pipe that has leakage is patched up with iron patches, which eventually gets rusty and the where do the iron rusts go? Yes, in water and after a period of time, to your home.

Similarly, your own buildings’ plumbing also counts as an agent of contamination. Suppose your building is 30 years old, and then your plumbing is also to be 30 years old. Chances are it’s never been changed because of the cost, so it must be old and rusty by now, and thus the dirt comes in contact with the water and makes way to you.

Now tell me, do you want all that and many more minerals and chemicals to get absorbed by your body? Probably not, so filtering your water is the only choice you have.

1. Absorbs Chlorine: 

Do you know that you absorb more chlorine by absorbing it from shower water than by ingesting chlorinating water directly?  Since most of us like to take hot showers, it makes absorbing chlorine easier. Chlorine has a low molecular weight so it easily enters the bloodstream. Chlorine is also harmful in other ways; coming in contact with other matters it produces hazardous by-products like THM and chloroform. Exposure to them on regular basis puts more negative impacts on your body than you think. Warm air also enhances your lungs inhaling capacity, resulting in more inhalation of chlorine vapor. A study shows that there is a fair amount of risk of cancer and other problems from bathing in chlorinated water regularly.

2. Releases Chemicals in Air: 

We already know of several major sources of indoor air population. Such as second-hand tobacco smoke, paraffin from scented candles, air freshener, formaldehyde, pesticides etc. But the heat of our shower water can be another source of indoor air pollution. The heat vaporizes the chemicals and releases it into the air in vaster amount than you can imagine and affect your whole family. Researchers have found THMs and other by-products in indoor air at a significant level as an outcome of shower water.

3. Harms Skin and Hair:

We see chlorine to be used in swimming pool water as a disinfecting agent. While it kills the bacteria and pathogens from the water it also kills a number of good bacteria known as microbiomes on our skin. We may not notice the benefits but we certainly come to notice them when the biomes don’t live to do what it should. Resulting in dry skin, skin rashes, eczema and bumps, and irritation. The similar case is with hair, it turns like straw in regular exposure to chlorine. Losing its natural shine and oil, raising hair loss and intensifying rough hair.

4. Chlorinated Shower Initiates Cancer and other Health Issues: 

Describing the first point, chlorine and chloramines can instigate many diseases even cancer in case of absorbing a huge amount chlorine regularly. Researchers have found that consuming chlorinated water regularly increases the risk of bladder, breast, kidney and rectal cancer. THMs are connected with poor birth outcomes, like abortions, low birth weight and birth defect of the new-born. The vapor produces a great risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases. And chloramines weaken the immune system and make you prone to sickness. Unfortunate for us, there aren’t many shower filter that can completely filter out this particle. But some certain models of Vitamin C shower filter can remove chloramines from water, but they can’t filter other contaminants than chlorine and chloramines.

Benefits of Shower Filter

1. Filters out the Chlorine: 
                  Most of this article has been about the negative impact of chlorine on our body. So you already know that for decades it’s been used to sterilize water. Only recently studies have shown that chlorine can harm us even by no direct intake. Your body absorbs the chlorine from your shower water and it affects your body. Makes your skin drier and rougher. Your hair color fades away fast and it strips off the natural oil from your hair. And shower filters works against it. Gives you chlorine free shower water and prevents it from harming your skin and hair.

2. No more Hard Water:                                                                                                                    You normally get more or less hard water from the tap, which makes cleaning itself harder. There is not enough layer of soap’s foam. Weakens your hair, makes scalp itchy and unnourished. Whilst washing with soft water will put absolutely opposite effect. You will need little use of shampoo and soap to get wanted amount of foam. And get natural shiny and smooth skin and hair.

3. Kills Bacteria and Viruses:                                                                                                           Shower filters like KDF are designed to seal out most of the bacteria and limits their growth. Since in the absence of regular cleaning bacteria can be born on the showerhead itself. The filter will terminate them before they can reach you.

4. Clarifies Shower Water:                                                                                                                A shower filter makes sure that you bath in crystal clear water. It cleans most possible dirt through its filter medium. Minerals like magnesium, iron, lead etc and chemicals like THM, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides etc and other chemical rejects are filtered through your shower filter before they can reach you.

5. Best for Kids and Pets:                                                                                                                 If you have kids or pets at home you know how important it is to bathe them in sterile water. Since their immune system is not as strong as that of adult humans’. Those harmful contaminants can affect more to them then they do to you. Regular chlorinated shower increases the chances of a child to develop asthma and allergies. A shower filter prevents that.

So it is well described that why you need a shower filter in your home. We all care for our families and want to provide what’s best for them. So ensuring a healthy shower for them is a given.  



Q.1: What is a shower valve and how do I replace it?

A.1: The shower valve is the mechanism that keeps the ratio of hot and cold water constant and diverts the flow of water to different water faucets. To replace it, you’ll have to dismantle the shower handle first; it’ll be behind the trim plate. Change it with a new one and assemble the parts back.

Q.2: Why do my fingers and toes wrinkle in the shower?

A.2: It is an involuntary reaction that our body shows because of the autonomic nervous system. After a few minutes’ contact with water, blood vessels start constricting below the skin, and it wrinkles.

Q.3: Can I use the filter on handheld shower head?

A.3: Yes, you can, with most of them. Just detach the shower filter and install it with the hose. Pretty easy, don’t even require tools most of the time.

Q.4: Can we drink this filters’ water?

A.4: I don’t see why not, this may not work exactly the same as the carbon filter but it certainly is better than straight out tap water.

Q.5: Does any shower filter work on removing fluoride?

A.5: If it says it would. But maximum shower filter primarily targets to filter out chlorine. It does reduce fluoride in the process even if it’s not designed for that.


Reading this article till now you must have understood that every shower filter is designed to target a certain chemical or contamination. Since this is the most simple and inexpensive way comparing to others.

To provide clean water for you and your family, it is important that you take this seriously. To make efficient use of a filter, first testing your own water will be wise. Just to check which substance needs filtering most in your area’s water so that you can choose a filter that will work especially against that.

The motives of shower filters are to soften your shower water and filtering the harmful components out. So that you and your family get to enjoy a healthy bath every time and have a smooth younger skin and naturally shiny hair that you deserve.


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