Best Showerhead for Low Water Pressure

Last Updated On: 24 April 2021

"Best showerhead for low water pressure? No, you are joking! This is not true.”

Thus, my friend replied when I was trying to convince him for buying a new showerhead. I can't blame him for this. He was facing this problem and didn't find any solution. He kept changing his showerhead again and again, but no effective result was shown up. I think most of you have the same problem. There are so many regions in the USA where the water pressure is very low. After the whole day of work, we need to have a good shower experience. But the low water pressure is ruining our shower experience. But no more. Here I will discuss the top 10 best showerhead for low water pressure. But before beginning, let's discuss some important facts regarding this problem.


Some Common Causes for Low Water Pressure

We all know that low water pressure is a common problem in our country. It is very frequent, but it is not always all about the water. We can observe low water pressure in shower only. There might be some other reasons for having low water pressure during your shower. Let's have a look at the possible reasons behind the low water pressure in your shower.

  • First of all, you have to check if the water meter valve is open or not. The water meter valve is the main source of water from your city tank. If that valve is not totally open, then you will surely get a poor amount of water pressure during your shower. So first of all, check the water pressure valve to make sure it is fully open.
  • After making sure that the water meter valve is totally open, go to your shower and check for the water pressure. If you are still not getting the desired water pressure, then you have to check the main house shutoff valve. This valve is the main gateway of flowing of water through your house. Make sure the shutoff valve is totally open and then check for the water pressure again.
  • Well if still, these procedures are not working then you have to check for the water pressure regulator. There is a pressure regulator which controls the water pressure in your shower. This regulator actually saves your water pipe from damages. Frequents water pressure falling problem can arise if the water pressure regulator is damaged.
  • Another possible reason for having low water pressure is the old steel pipe. The water pipe helps you by flowing water through your house. But if the water pipe is old enough, there is a strong possibility that the water pipe has lost some of its diameters. Because the water pipe is jammed with iron and other minerals and water cannot pass through the pipe very easily. This problem will not arise suddenly. Even, you will not notice this problem at the beginning. But day by day the problem will get more critical to solving.

Also, there might be a natural cause of low water pressure in some areas. But in general, these are the common reasons for having low water pressure in your shower.

How to Fix Low Water Pressure Problem

As we can see the low water pressure can cause for many reasons. As soon as you are having a low water pressure problem in your shower, I will recommend you to take the necessary steps as soon as possible. Otherwise, this may become a critical problem to solve day by day. Now we will see some methods for fixing the low water pressure problem in your house.

Method 1

  • At the end of the faucet, there is an aerator. This aerator gets dirt frequently, and it decreases the water pressure. Remove the aerator and clean it twice in a week. Thus, you will get good water pressure.
  • When you are getting low water pressure, you have to make sure that the faucet is tightened well. If need, dissemble the faucet, clean it thoroughly and assemble it again with proper method. Make sure the faucet is tightened well.
  • There might be some problems in your faucet which is creating the problem of low water pressure. Most of the time, it may cause an old faucet. If this is the case them, you have to change your faucet into a new one. This may solve your water pressure problem.
  • Creating artificial water pressure might be a good solution in some cases. Cover the shower face with some thing like a cap or cloth. Create artificial water pressure by turning on the faucet. This might wash out the clogs that are causing the low water pressure problem.

Method 2

  • Sometimes there might be a problem of low water pressure in only hot water. In that case, there is a strong possibility that your water heater is damaged. So, check for the water heater and fix it if necessary.
  • I think the most common reason for low water pressure is leaky pipes. There might me some leakage in your water supply pipe which can reduce the water pressure. Water cannot pass through the pipe and as a result, you will get a low water pressure in your faucet. To prevent this problem, you have to check the whole water supply pipe thoroughly for leakage. If found, take necessary steps (use Teflon tapes, etc.).
  • Your toilet can also be affected by leakage. This might create low water pressure. To check for this problem, you should pour a few drops of water color  

You should apply these procedures to fix your low water pressure problem in your showerhead.

The 10 Best Showerhead for Low Water Pressure

There are a lot of showerheads in the market to prevent low water pressure problem in your showerhead. But not all products are going to be good and effective. That's why you should learn which products are good and which products are bad. Here you will find top 10 showerheads of 2021 to prevent low water pressure in your shower. These are the best showerhead for low water pressure.

Do you need both high- and low-pressure water in one showerhead? Well, then this is the correct product for you. No matter what is the water condition of your town/city, you will get the ultimate shower experience by using this showerhead. Comes with a chrome finish which makes this item look like a premium product. In the market, you may find a huge number of high-pressure showerheads. But there are only very few products with giving you both high pressure and low-pressure shower features in one single showerhead. So, in my opinion, this product is the best to give you the low-pressure shower experience.


  • It has an adjustable spray with perfect water amplifying feature.
  • Specially designed for low water pressure.
  • Chrome finished. Premium looking.
  • Can give both high-pressure and low-pressure shower experience.
  • A solid brass ball is given for adjusting the showerhead with your shower arm.
  • It allows you to change your spray angle and aim position.
  • Standard flow rate.


  • Satisfying experience in both high-pressure and low-pressure mode.
  • Wide jets cover the whole bathroom. So, you will get water no matter where you are standing.
  • This is a fire hydrant showerhead. You can use every ounce of water from this showerhead.


  • After several years of usage, the water pressure might get lower than before.

What we search for to buy a showerhead? It is its durability and performance. This product is the Amazon bestseller showerhead product. So, you can become assured about its durability and performance. 

YOO.MEE is the company registered in the US. Their motto is to supply quality products to their customers. This showerhead is no different from that. The stunning design of this showerhead makes it look like a luxurious product. It is a smart home appliance. It turns your bathroom into a gorgeous one. And also, the handheld showerhead will give you Spa like experience in your home. By using this product, the time has arrived to say goodbye to all kinds of anxiety. Also, it's high-pressure and low-pressure water combination will astonish you indeed.


  • This high-pressure handheld showerhead is designed properly to give you a fabulous shower experience at your home.
  • It has a powerful spray shooting feature which will help you to get continuously high-pressure shower experience even at a low-pressure water pipe.
  • The water pressure is upgraded 2 times by using the water conservation working principle.
  • The silicon rubber jet nozzles prevent all kinds of minerals and save your showerhead. You can easily remove these minerals by using your fingers.
  • The body of the showerhead is made from the durable ABS Engineering Plastics.
  • It has high heat resistant and high strength.
  • Comes with a 79-inch-long stainless-steel hose pipe.
  • The whole package comes with a lot of useful accessories.
  •  It has 12 months guarantee and warranty.  


  • Prevents all low water-pressure problems in your house.
  • Very easy and quick installation process. You don’t even need a plumber for installing.
  • Unique stainless steel made shower hose used for extra water pressure.


  • After a long time of use, the hose losses its original color.

This product seems to me a promising one. Customers are happy to get the exact performance described in the advertisement. So, I will recommend this product. 

Delta is offering you the best showerhead available on the market today. This special showerhead is made of water amplifying technology which is quite new in showerheads. Its H2O kinetic spray technology gives you a new water wave experience that you may find nowhere. The water comes from the spay forms into a drench of water. Its water flow rate is standard. The adjustable H2O kinetic spay settings allow you to choose your desired shower mode. It comes with chrome finished and a premium look. Also, pretty much affordable. In this range of price, I think this product offers you a whole new experience with its vast feature.


  • The Delta H2O kinetic spay technology allows the showerhead to cover more than three times extra space.
  • The water forms into a unique wave pattern which gives you extreme intense water flow in low pressure that means it is a pressure increasing shower head.
  • The minerals stuck into the spray hole is now easier to clean only by using the fingers.
  • You will get a warm and drenching water experience while you can save 20% of water. So, this product is a money saver also.
  • You are getting a lifetime warranty by buying this product. So, Delta is giving you backup this time.
  • Chrome finished luxurious and premium looking showerhead.


  • Easy to install. No need for any additional cost. Just your bare hand is enough to install this.
  • The very impressive water flow rate will really give you a good feeling about this showerhead.
  • It covers more area than any other showerhead available in the market nowadays.


  • It does not have any stream changing feature.

So, after searching for years, I think I have finally found the lifechanging product. To improve your shower experience, just try this one, and you can thank me later.

This product is broadly used in so many luxurious hotels. It is a quality graded product. It enhances your water pressure and gives you smooth bathing experience even at a low water pressure. The flow rate of this device is quite impressive. No compromise in quality and design. It looks premium and fabulous. By installing this product in your bathroom, you are going to take your bathroom one step higher. Spa like experience is now very much possible in your home. Just go and grab this item and see its benefits. All types of new and useful technologies are used in this showerhead to give you the ultimate shower experience in your home. So, now say goodbye to all kinds of stress.


  • Powerful and high-pressure shower gives you the ultimate shower experience.
  • Very good spray performance even at a low pressure of water.
  • It has 57 jets which cover the whole area of your bathroom.
  • It contains a low flow regulator with a removable feature. So now you can get spa-like experience.
  • Easy to clean nozzles.
  • It has a metal swivel ball which can adjust the shower angle very easily and smoothly.
  • Very decent water flow (2.5GPM).
  • It is made according to U.S standard plumbing connection. So, it can fit anywhere.


  • Easy to connect. It is made according to U.S standard.
  • The water pressure regulator can give you both high pressure and low-pressure experience.
  • 6-Inch wide and 57 jets covers the whole area of your shower and gives a rainfall like experience while bathing.


  • Some people had troubles to find the regulator.

This product seems pretty much okay to me. No major problems at all. Very impressive rainfall shower experience you can get indeed. In such a price, I will say it is a real value for money.

Well, this is the best stress remover showerhead ever. Just by looking at its elegant design you are going to admire it. Now what you have to do is just removing your old showerhead. Then say goodbye to it. This is time for getting experience from something new, something different and something elegant. The good news is it is very easy to install into your shower arm. Just 3 minutes what it will take. After that, you are all done for experiencing the ultimate shower. The solid bras connection will help it to stay on the shower arm and do not crack. Moreover, its extraordinary design and finishing will astonish you, and that's an obvious.


  • It is a high-pressure showerhead with 42 nozzles.
  • You will be able to get low pressure also if the Shower head flow restrictor is attached.
  • Easy to remove the flow limiter.
  • The whole showerhead is made from engineered ABS plastic.
  • It has a durable brass fitting. So, the showerhead will not leak or crack.
  • The nozzles are easy to clean. It prevents from all types of minerals.
  • Very easy installation. You just need to twist the showerhead.
  • It is going to give you a five years long warranty. So, feel free to rough use.


  • The flow limiter allows you to have a low-pressure shower which will give you spa-like feeling at home.
  • It can produce high water pressure if needed.
  • Easy to install. No need for any additional costs.


  • Some people said that they didn’t get that much high pressure as they expected.

Including all of these pros and cons and the astonishing features of the showerhead in my mind, I think this product is a decent one. Very impressive looking and at this range of price it is one of the best product for sure.

To get a high-water pressure during your shower, you need a clean and clog free showerhead. This AquaDance rainfall showerhead is providing this feature to you now. It also ensures better flow performance. So now you will get a relaxed shower experience after your long-time hard work. It is featured with Antimicrobial Microban Technology. This technology prevents molds, bacteria and other microbes to grow. It comes with six water spray features. That means now you can change your spray mode according to your mood. At last, this is a quality product with premium looking and features. 


  • Clean and clog free showerhead helps to get strong water pressure.
  • The antimicrobial microban technology does not let bacteria and molds to spread their generation.
  • Easy cleaning feature. Just rub nozzles, and you are all done.
  • Six spray settings options let you customize your shower experience according to your mood.
  • Water saving mode included.
  • Premium looking and luxurious product, highest quality maintained.
  • You will have a lifetime warranty backup.
  • Easy installing. No need for extra cost.


  • Germs can't grow in the nozzles. That's why you remain risk-free all the time.
  • The awesome water pressure feature works on even low water pressure.
  • According to your mood, you can customize your spray settings. You will have six spray settings options.


  • Some users found the controlling of the shower mode bit difficult.

In my opinion, this product is the real deal. It is gorgeous at looking. No problems at all. It is made just for the pleasure of the customers. So, why not you try this product for once?

Speakman is one of the oldest showerhead manufacturers. From the very beginning, they believed in maintaining quality products. All of their products are maintained good quality and design. This product is made with Anystream technology. So, now you can change the stream pattern only by twisting the showerhead. Its intense water flow will amaze you. It looks luxurious and premium looking with its polished chrome finish. This showerhead is engineered especially for rainfall shower. So, now you can have the rainfall shower experience at home. Brand-New addition in showerhead market and it is taking over the market day by day.


  • This product is equipped with the unique Anystream technology which enables a 360o shower experience with a vast amount of shower patterns.
  • It has a patented plungers control feature. This gives intensified water pressure.  So, you will get a powerful flow of water.
  • Easy self-cleaning feature. The plungers resist hard water. So, it is easy to maintain.
  • It is durable. The solid brass construction made this thing durable.
  • It is Corrosion resistant and chrome polished.
  • The spray settings included rain intense and full flood.  


  • Extra high water pressure will make you addicted to it.
  • The compact build will satisfy you surely.
  • It has so many steam settings. So, you can choose anyone among these vast spray settings according to your mood.


  • To get good water flow, you have to remove the water restrictor.

What else can you expect from a showerhead at this reasonable price? I'm totally satisfied with these features of this showerhead. You can surely try this one.

Most of the time your shower hose gets tangled, and it's quite irritating. Say no more. Vive offers you the best handheld showerhead which one has a tangled freeshower hose. It has multiple shower settings so you can change them according to your mood. Also, it is very easy to install. No additional cost is needed at all. It is made according to U.S standard. That's why it fits any shower arm. If we talk about the shower hose, it is 6.5’ tall. So, it can cover your whole bathroom. All necessary and important accessories are included with this showerhead. So, no need to worry about anything.


  • Universal connection type showerhead fits any shower arm immediately. 
  • A 6.5’ long shower hose and extremely flexible.
  • The shower hose does no tangle.
  • It has multiple spray settings. So, you can choose which one is suitable for you.
  • No hassle for installing. Very easy and cost-free. Comes with brass hose nuts for easy installing.
  • The showerhead of 4" diameter.
  • Lifetime guaranty from Vive.


  • It is a stainless steel made.
  • The hose is 6.5' long and it does not tangle at all.
  • Easy to install. Quite simple and no plumber needed for that.
  • The on/off switch is just a wonderful addition in it.


  • we did not find it.

This product has a three-way rainfall shower feature. Amazing, isn’t it? So, the ultimate shower experience is at your home. And every showerhead comes with six spray settings. Patented 3-way diverter makes your shower experience easier. And by purchasing this product, you are going to have a lifetime warranty for this product. Use your showerhead separately or together. The chrome finished showerhead looks just fabulous, and you will fall in love with it for sure.


  • Tested by professionals. One of the top three products by AquaDance.
  • 7-inch rainfall showerhead will give rainlike experience at home.
  • High power click liver dial, flow coverage, rub clean jets and many other features.
  •  Premium style matching hand shower. It can be used as a handheld and also overhead shower.
  • Comes with 4-inch large shower face.
  • Six unique shower settings including power mist, power rain, pulsating massage, rain mist, rain massage and water saving pause mode.
  • Patented 3-way water diverter feature.
  • Comes with a stunning gift box which is packed in the USA.
  • Easy installation. No need to call a plumber.


  • One of the best products by the manufacturer. Good water pressure and can be reduced at any time.
  • 5-foot-long stainless-steel shower hose which never tangles.
  • The GPM is more than enough.
  • The showerhead can be used as a handheld showerhead as well as an overhead showerhead.


  • Some customer faced adjustment problem at the first time.

If I were you, I would pick this item for my bathroom.

Talking of Speakman, they produce high-quality showerhead from the beginning. This showerhead is also the finest addition to their product list. It has been used in so many luxurious hotels and resorts. That's why it looks so much promising to me. This showerhead is designed very well. Comes with 58 jet sprays which give you the dream shower you desire. Comes with so many shower settings and features. I'm convinced. You will get what you want in your shower by installing this item in your shower.


  • It comes with the new technology named Anystream360 which can cover the whole shower of yours with very effective shower pressure.
  • Patented plunger control allows for spreading the water when it leaves the nozzle.
  • Works well in the presence of low water pressure.
  • It has self-cleaning plungers which prevent from dirt. It is easy to clean. Just you need to use your hand.
  • Chrome polished showerhead with corrosion resistant feature.
  • Engineered for long-lasting. Mainly made of high-grade plastic.
  • Vast spray settings included.    


  • You will get a very powerful shower stream if you are currently staying at a home where the water pressure is very low.
  • To change the spray settings, you just have to rotate the showerhead a bit. That’s it.
  • Easy for you to install this. No additional cost will be added.


  • The chrome polish was not satisfactory for some customers.

But wait, as you can see this showerhead is pretty awesome there is no need to hesitate for buying this. According to its price, the cons are negligible in my opinion.


I have low water pressure in my shower. Will a showerhead help me to prevent this problem?

Ans: Definitely yes. A high-pressure showerhead is designed and engineered that why so that it can prevent low water pressure problem in your shower.

Which showerhead will be good for the area where water pressure is quite low?

Ans:  I will say all of these articles mentioned above are good for low water pressure are. Go and check it.

What should be the quality of a good showerhead?

Ans: Actually, a good flow rate and compact design is the first thing you should consider for a good showerhead. Then you can judge the other features.

How can I install a showerhead? 

Ans: Installing a showerhead is quite easy. You shouldn’t worry about it. Just follow the instruction guide given along with the showerhead.

Are these products going to be good?

Ans: This review article is based on the highest rated and reviewed high-pressure showerhead. They are also from a renowned company. So, you do not have to worry about it.


I have tried my best to pick the top ten products to give this review. This review is based on customers given ratings and reviews. Low water pressure problem is almost everywhere in our country. So,by using these specially engineered showerheads, you can have the high-pressure rinse experience that you desired.


(Last Updated On: April 24, 2021)
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