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Last Updated On: 24 April 2021

Maximum people do not need a bunch of reasons to use the hot tub. They already know pretty much about it all on their own. The commonly hot tub can relieve stress and leave us feeling clean and refreshed. Nevertheless, there are even more reasons to take hot tub baths and some of them actually nourish your health. A good hot tub can improve your life in ways you may not have predicted ever. Hot tubs surprisingly increase family closure, and they can also become a great reason for you to invite your friends and neighbors over for a visit. No matter what your plan is, to sit in the backyard from dusk till dawn or to watch a meteor shower, your hot tub helps you connecting with the nature around you.

Adding hot tub usage into your daily schedule can also help to improve your general life fun. Regular time spending in your spa might help you reduce stress, sooth pain, improve the quality of your nap, and increase your muscular health. Hot tub benefits are grandiose if used properly.


Enhancement in Cardiovascular Health

Bruce Becker, M.D. stated, a cardiac workout can be taken just by immersing oneself into the water. Our body is accustomed to staying in the normal air pressure. Being underwater puts more pressure on our body which increases our cardiac volume. That is to say, when we are soaking in water, our heart needs to work harder to send blood to every inch of our body which helps it to stay healthy. 

Several studies confirmed that hot tub baths slashes out the risk of high blood pressure in men and lowers the risk of stroke in both men and women. Relaxation in a steamy hot tub appears to do wonders for one’s cardiovascular health. A study revealed that people who took sauna each day a week had a 60% lower chance of stroke than those who had only one hot bath per week. Another study showed that people who enjoyed four to seven hot bath a week had a 46% lower risk of hypertension than those who didn’t have more than one. So, immersing oneself in hot water is not a bad idea for the heart at all, even a light exercise for the heart which keeps the heart away of troubles.

Assistance for a Sound Sleep

Hot water brings rapid relaxation in muscles. Which helps us sleeping. So it is a good idea to take a hot bath before night sleep rather than rushing into a hot bath early in the morning. It is established that increasing our body temperature before bed helps us feeling sleepier. Which leads us to an easier sleeping and higher quality of rest for us. The relaxation effects are harnessed by increasing body temperature sufficiently. Dipping one into hot water can effectively increase body temperature. So, it’s best if anyone times the hot bath before the sleeping time and should be placed at least half an hour before the sleep. Our body has a system which works like a clock for our body and controls our waking, sleeping and eating cycles. The frequency is called the circadian rhythm. Some say the system works in solar fluorescence. But several types of research showed that it is incredibly attuned with body temperature.

When our bodies get relaxed from a warm bath, our circadian system sends a signal to our body to sleep and relax. Because there is a sudden drop in body temperature when we get out from a hot tub. So, our body slows down our heart rate, breathing rate, and our digestion to get our body to a perfect rhythm. Normally insomniacs and people in the summer area find it troublesome to get sleep because they cannot create a sudden temperature drop in their bodies. So, physicians may suggest them to have some exercises to help them increase their body heat. But it’s really hard solution for people in the summer season. So, it’s the easiest solution for a good sleep.

Soothing Aches and Pain

A hot water bath meets all the requirements of hydrotherapy. A hot tub can provide immersion, buoyancy, heat, and vibration and all can effectively improve the biological sensory system. Many of them certainly can help people with physical injuries, muscular pains, anxiety disorder, depression and much more. Though it is hard to get the full out of it, when the full potential is released, the results are overwhelming. Some tips and tricks are given to get the full out of a hot soak. 

A hot bath works as a liquid psychotherapy, which is peaceful and soothing. Chances are, after taking a bath, you may feel insulated from your troubles and you will like it that way for a while. When taking a bath on warm water or in a hot tub, this gets the system revved up and create an illusion of a temporary relaxation, which is definitely safe and soothing. The heat takes over your inner awareness and forces out other thoughts. You may feel lethargic when your body temperature comes back to normal. It’s a kind of relaxation. But you might be on fire neurologically, and you may feel out of whack homeostatically. Your system is in flux like boiling water. Many people find trouble sleeping after a hot bath.

Studies found that the most comfortable baths are not taken in quite piping hot water. While a bath needs to be taken in comparatively higher temperature but when the only relaxation is the purpose, the temperature should be easy.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Hot tubs also help to lower the blood pressure. When the body is submerged into hot water, body temperature rises but blood pressure falls. When the body is submerged into water, the body’s natural cooling system doesn’t work, as a result, the body doesn’t cool off. When our body is heated up, our vessels dilate to help decrease the heat. So more blood travels the skins and less in the skin-core, which causes low heart rate and blood pressure. Though this is completely a safe process, if someone has the existing cardiovascular disease, excessive use of hot bath can lead to a massive drop in blood pressure. Dizziness or feeling boozy can also be a side effect of a hot water bath.

Help Losing Weight

Hot water helps burning extra fat under the skin. A study showed that having six hot baths in a week helped reduce 4 pounds of weights on average while maintaining a normal diet. The duration of the bath was 30 minutes on average and the water was 41℃ in temperature. Though it is not the alternative of a good diet plan or some exercise, it helps.

Stress Reduction

The muscle stress relieving and pain soothing isn’t good only for the body or physical part only but also for the psychological health. Being immersed in hot water massively decreases the stress and panic very fast. Reducing stress has a great positive impact on mental health and temperament. A study found that hot bath takers don’t get angry easily. Psychologists prescribe a good hot bath every night for people having anger issues.

Body Cleaning

The general purpose of a bath is cleaning the body. But it works even better when with heated water. Heat and water vapor helps opening up the skin pores and which is very good when you’re in a clean environment like a hot tub. It gives the water an opportunity to go in and clean skin thoroughly. Dirt and toxins get stuck inside the skin. Our body tries to drain out some toxins and dirt through skin pores by sweating. But draining all of them is not always possible. So, there is always some poisons in there. A hot bath helps cleaning them.

Though the benefits are enormous, hot tubs are not for everyone. People who have heart disease should be very careful because hot bath reduces blood pressure and relaxes the heart. These cardiovascular effects may cause a catastrophe in a heart patient’s system. There might also be a possibility that a hot bath is causing over-sweating and draining the important waters out. Which may lead to dehydration. Pregnant women also need to be careful as a hot bath can cause harm to the baby if not careful. Nevertheless, if anyone has doubt about their health with a hot water bath, they can consult a doctor for necessary help and suggestion before buying a hot tub. 


(Last Updated On: April 24, 2021)
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