Hot Water Bath to Control Life Problems

Last Updated On: 21 April 2021

A warm slow bath is another name of refreshment to many people. People take hot water bath both by knowing and not knowing the numerous benefits of it. Commonly a warm bath can relieve stress and leave us feeling clean and calm. Moreover, there are even more reasons to take a hot shower and some of them actually strengthen our health. A good warm bath can improve our lives in ways we may not have assumed ever. Hot baths surprisingly boost day to day life, as it works as a refreshment therapy and helps to accumulate muscular strength and reflex. A hot bath also relieves from pain and different diseases.

A hot water bath can work as a hydrotherapy which is generally taken for anxiety and stress disorders. Normally a hydrotherapy is taken underwater where water is forced by artificial pressure and an artificial current is created. This was formerly known as Hydropathy and was treated like medicine once. Nowadays this is not counted in the orthodox medical system but the theory still works.



1. Cardiac Exercise

Our body is habituated to live in normal air temperature and pressure. When the persisting temperature or pressure suddenly changes, our body reacts to the changes and creates some pressure on different organs. In this case, when our body temperature increases during a hot bath, our hypothalamus sends a signal to muscles to reduce the temperature. As a result, our muscles become flaccid and this makes it easier for blood to reach every point of the body through veins. And as the pressure of body increases, it becomes hard for the heart to pump the blood back. So the heart puts more pressure on the cardiac muscles and this works as a cardiac exercise.

Studies from different sources confirmed that hot water baths devour out the risk of high blood pressure in men when lowering the risk of stroke in both men and women. Relaxing in a steamy hot tub may appear as a wonder for one’s cardiovascular health. A study clarified that people who took a warm bath every day in a week had more than a 60% lower chance of stroke than those who had only one hot bath per week. Another study revealed that people who enjoyed four to seven warm bath a week had a 46% lower risk of hypertension than those who didn’t even enjoyed one. So, being immersed in hot water is not a bad idea for the heart at all from any aspects, even it works like a light exercise for the heart which helps to keep the heart away of several cardiac problems.

2. Sound Sleep Booster

Hot water increases the temperature and relaxes muscles. Flaccid muscles are good for sleeping. So the idea of taking a hot bath before night sleep rather than going for a hot bath early in the morning. It is established by different studies that increasing our body heat before bed makes us sleepier. Which brings an easier sleeping and higher quality of rest for us. The effects of relaxation are comprised by increasing the temperature of body sufficiently. Getting dipped into hot water can effectively increase the heat of the bod. So, the idea is great if anyone schedules the hot bath before the sleeping time and it is suggested to place it at least half an hour before the sleep.

Our body has a built-in clock which works like an auto reminder for our body and controls our daily activity times like our waking, sleeping and eating cycles. The controlling mechanism is called the circadian rhythm. Some researchers stated that the system works in solar fluorescence. But different studies showed that it is greatly attuned with body temperature. When a human body gets relaxed from a warm bath, it increases our body temperature and sends a message to our circadian system about the heat and the system orders the body for a sleep. As mentioned before, there is a sudden drop in body temperature when we get out from a warm bath. So, our body increases the heart pumping force but slows down our heart rate, breathing rate, and our digestion to get our body to a perfect rhythm. Normally people having insomnia and people in the tropical area find it troublesome to get sleep as they cannot create a sudden temperature drop in their bodies. So, doctors suggest them to have some exercises as exercises help them increase their body heat. But the solution is really for some people in the summer season or the busy ones. So, having a warm bath can be considered as the easiest solution for a good sleep.

3. Aches and Pain Reliever

Hydrotherapy was known as a great treatment method in past days. A hot water bath can fulfill almost all the required features of hydrotherapy. A water bath can provide immersion, buoyancy, heat, and vibration and all of these can effectively improve biological sensory system. Many of these sensations can certainly help some people with different physical injuries, muscular pains, anxiety issues, depression and much more. Though it is very hard to get the full benefit out of it, whenever the full strength is released, the results are quite overwhelming. Some necessary techniques are given below to get the full out of a hot bath.

            A hot bath is a liquid psychotherapy, which is both peaceful and soothing. People said, sometimes they felt isolated from their troubles and they liked it that way for a while. When a hot bath is being taken, this gets the physiological system revved up and create a temporary illusion of a relaxation, which is surely safe and soothing. The controlled heat takes over our inner awareness and forces out other thoughts. A lazy feeling might come when body temperature is set back to normal. It’s a form of the safest kind of relaxation. But for some people, their system is in flux like unshaped metal. Many people may find it troublesome for sleeping after a hot bath.

            Studies showed that most relaxing baths are not taken in the highest endurable temperature. A soft hot temperature is best for a great relaxing bath unless you want to make an artificial fever. When good relaxation is the only purpose, the temperature should be easy.

4. Blood Pressure Control

Hot water baths can also be helpful for high blood pressure patients by lowering the blood pressure. When the body is immersed into hot water, body temperature rises as the body absorbs the heat from the water but this rise in temperature helps to knock blood pressure. When the body is dipped into water, the natural cooling system of the body doesn’t work, as a result, the body doesn’t cool off. When our body is heated up, our blood vessels dilate to help reduce the heat. So a larger amount of blood travels near the skins and less in the body core, which causes low heart pulse and blood pressure. Though this is totally one of the safest processes, if someone has problems like cardiovascular disorder, excessive use of hot water bath can lead to a massive drop in blood pressure which can be lethal.

5. Diabetes Control

Diabetes is currently one of the most common diseases in the current century. High level of sugar is the basic cause for diabetes. Physicians recommend high exercise for diabetes patients. So, researchers looked for an alternative for exercise. And the result was astonishing. The new result was quite the opposite of the old solution. Yup! A hot water bath can help you controlling diabetes. A doctor from Loughborough University showed in his study that, a hot bath taker has 10% of lower peak glucose level in comparison to exercises so are the diabetes chances. He confirmed that regular hot tub bath can prominently reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Hot water bath exhorts the release of heat shock proteins which can boost up insulin and help to reduce the excessive glucose in the blood.

6. Weight Control

Hot water bath can help burning extra fat lying under the skin. A research showed that having bath six times a week can help to reduce 4 pounds of extra weights on average while maintaining a regular diet. The duration of the bath in the research was 30 minutes on average and the water was 41℃ in temperature. Though it is not enough in exchange for a good diet plan or regular exercise, yeah, it helps.

7. Stress Control

The overwhelming charms of stress relieving and pain soothing isn’t only good for the physical part of the only but also for the psychological health. Being immersed in warm water can massively decrease the syndromes of stress and pain very fast. Reducing stress has a great positive impact on mental health and can significantly increase temperament. A study among random US individuals showed that hot bath takers don’t get angry very easily. Psychologists often prescribe a nice hot bath every night for people having severe anger issues.

            With the colossal benefit chart, a warm bath is not equally beneficial for all. People having heart diseases should be aware because hot bath reduces the blood pressure and creates a relaxation for the heart muscles. Though the benefits are proved still it would be a great idea for heart patients to consult a registered doctor before making it a habit.


(Last Updated On: April 21, 2021)
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