5 Effective Steps – How to Take a Cold Shower

Last Updated On: April 24, 2021

Cold showers have great benefits. It helps us to build discipline, self-control, and tolerance for discomfort. There is a great impact to wake up in the morning and get the blood flowing by taking a cold shower. Luckily there some ways to make it easier, and I am going to discuss 5 effective steps for how to take a cold shower.

5 Effective Steps-How to Take a Cold Shower

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Although If I have spent a vast time of my life taking hot showers, suddenly jump into other dimensions can be a huge shock to my whole body. That’s why it is important to know how to take a cold shower.Before started those 5 steps I am going to share my experience. I am sure that after listening to my experience its fell much easier than you have ever thought.


So Let's start How to Take a Cold Shower?

My Experience Using a Cold Shower Everyday

I heard good things about the cold shower a long time ago and give them a go. I have been taking cold showers on and off for many years. As I’m definitely sure a huge number of general mass can relate, I was disciplined for some days, but after some time when fell out of the habit than I was tried to find any excuse you want to find.

Nowadays, it is a daily part of my life to take cold showers in the morning. Because it is a relief from the heat more than a test of the pain of tolerance. According to my personal experience, it is hard to start but it is much harder to continue.

So I took it more seriously and tried to follow some steps. In this post, I’m going to discuss all the steps I follow to take a cold shower. Before that let’s talk about some techniques to manage taking cold showers. It is important to know the techniques. Because this will help us to comfortable with cold shower and fill the list pain.

Techniques to Manage Taking Cold Showers

1. Make a playlist of your favorite songs

Music is a great asset to decrease our stress and pain. It motivated us to anything we want.  So play three or four of your favorite songs and get overly involved in them.

Not only it will distract you to take a cold shower but it will also improve your mood and increase your inner power simultaneously.

2. Be your own hype man

Try to be motivated and change your inner dialogue.

Speaking the words more and more in your mind will probably make Satan jump out of your seat. After this nothing can stop you.

Does this thing go any colder?

2. Be your own hype man

Try to be motivated and change your inner dialogue.

Speaking the words more and more in your mind will probably make Satan jump out of your seat. After this nothing can stop you.

Does this thing go any colder?

3. Try to focus on your Breath

If you can’t relate with music for whatever the reason is to try focus on calming your breath.

Trying to refocus your breathing style will help you both distract yourself and calm down. Because a cold shower will immediately have you breathing shallow.

Those people who meditate daily, I am sure this trick extremely effective for them. If I comfortable in a breathing pattern I am able to turn most of the discomfort out.

4. Imagine your favorite places

Where would you like stay more than anywhere else on the earth?

I’m sure you would rather be in your favorite place, like a beach in Goa or Tahiti so for ten minutes let yourself be there.

That is why half of your brain isn’t focused on the current pain and it is a huge advantage for you.

5. Ease In

Nobody said you had to jump into ice cold water.

If we are being honest here, I start my cold showers off not too cold (but don’t tell anyone)

Suppose if someone drops a frog in a boiling water it will jump right out. On the other side if that person increases it slowly the fog will not recognize the danger.

This is also the same as us. By adjusting as you go, the perceived threat becomes much easier and more manageable.

6. Contrast showers

If you face some difficulties and can’t handle a cold shower for five minutes, then switch to hot water temporarily. You may use three minutes cold and one-minute hot ratio or you can choose random ratio according to your comfort level. But never turn into a full hot shower.  

Techniques will only help when you apply in your life. If we can remember and apply these techniques it will be much easier than take a hot shower. Try to apply them because the cold shower is way better than hot. It also helps us to improve our breathing power and make a great impact on our skin to look younger.

After knowing all the Techniques let start with some easy and major steps. These steps will give us a clear idea of how to increase our inner power and comfort level. These steps will give a clear idea on How to take a Cold Shower.

5 Effective Steps: How to Take a Cold Shower

1. Head and neck first

Start the water flow over our head and neck first, the progress down your whole body. The reason is simple it’s easier to dive straight into cold water than slowly into it. This is the expeditious way to alter your body temperature and accommodate.

Now run the water over the back of your neck, then face, then chest, upper back and rest of your body. Slowly run the water over your body doesn’t help you. That means that you are signaling your body that it is horribly cold. It causing your body to the uprising and compel. So don’t be afraid to start with the head and neck. 

2. Try to control your posture 

I used to walk in the morning 15-20 minutes to the street in winter wearing just a t-shirt to control my posture. Simply to train my body control through posture, breathing, and effective mindset.

What happens to your posture when you are cold? You shrug your shoulder, clench your fists, close the body up and successfully try to cuddle yourself. We all know that posture controls the mind as well as the mind-controlling posture. So do the inverse step of ‘cold posture’. That’s the way how I could walk around outside without feeling cold. The moment I closed being conscious of it and let my body go into it. I instantly started feeling cold stand tall, open the whole body.

Keep your arms by your sides and only focus on standing tall. This will opposes your body’s real reaction. This affluence style posture will straightly make you not feel cold.

3. Control your breathing

What else happens when you get in the cold water? Your breathing becomes less and not deep, right? Similar thing, control that. Then try the opposite. Take deep breaths as many as possible in through your stomach and long, slow breaths out. Do the exact inverse of what your body will do normally in the cold.

4. Try to control your state

You have to hack your brain. You know that you’re doing something that is uncomfortable and avoidable for you. But have to continually tell your brain that you are born to cold showers. You have to go beyond the point your body wants to give up. Empty your mind of all thoughts of cold water. Just focus on your posture and breathing. Only focus can change your total mindset. It is a great way to learn to control your thoughts.

5. Em-bosom the rush

By starting this kind of things, you will be in control of the sense your body is having. Adrenaline will sky-rocket. It feels good, it’s an erring king of high. You have to squeeze this rush. The adrenaline is your brain knocking your body to fight or escape-escape in this case. Get out of there. 

You can control it, not the way that you fight with the urge, but instead by embracing it. Enjoy the adrenaline rush. The smile will control your posture. So laugh or scream like a manic and it will definitely help you. So try the way that can release the pressure. So let some of the adrenaline run out. Run with it when you are taking a cold shower and learn how to embrace it.


I’m sure that these five steps will definitely help you to take a cold shower. According to the steps enhance your breathing power and control your state. In my sense, it’s the most effective way to take a cold shower.  

We know that takes a cold shower is more beneficial than the hot shower. On the other hand, we also know that warm water more comfortable than cold water. But why we should choose cold showers, the answer is very simple it helps us to improve our inner power, no chance to hamper our skin and many more. That’s why we should definitely take cold showers.  

You already know to take a cold shower logic, technique and easy ways to comfortable with it. Try to apply them to your life. Take a chance to lead an energetic life with the help of taking cold showers.


(Last Updated On: April 24, 2021)
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