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Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Last Updated On: 23 April 2021 High blood pressure is not only an inconvenience to living a good life but also the root cause of a lot of serious diseases. So in order to lead a healthy happy life we must control our blood pressure. In this article we are going to talk about some home […]

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Hot Water Bath to Control Life Problems

Last Updated On: 21 April 2021 A warm slow bath is another name of refreshment to many people. People take hot water bath both by knowing and not knowing the numerous benefits of it. Commonly a warm bath can relieve stress and leave us feeling clean and calm. Moreover, there are even more reasons to take […]

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Hot Water Canning in a Nutshell

Last Updated On:  21 April 2021 As technology is being upgraded every day, our daily life is changing rapidly and we are now so much dependent on technology. At the same time, we are forgetting and giving up some arts and practices because of having a busy lifestyle. Canning is one sort of those arts and […]

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Bath vs Shower: Which One is Better

Last Updated On: 21 April 2021 After a long day coming home and taking a warm bath or a hot shower can be quite relaxing. But between bath vs shower which one is better. Let’s find out.HISTORY OF HYGIENE:Human beings probably took some measures to clean themselves even in the bronze era. In fact, a recent discovery […]

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Epsom Salt Bath Benefits: Rationality of Prominence

Last Updated On: Epsom salt is known as Magnesium Sulfate to the chemists. Despite the name, it has nothing to do with great chef’s cooking secret. It is called a Salt because of its chemical structure. The crystal is pure in nature and has a high solubility. It can be converted into a lotion or […]

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How to Replace Shower Faucet by Yourself

Last Updated On: Shower faucets are one of the most important components of bathroom designs. Thanks to technologies we have a large variety of them to choose from. So if you’re thinking of re-modelling your bathroom; give it a traditional or modern look however you want, to replace shower faucets are a given. That aside, […]

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How to Replace a Shower Valve at Home

Last Updated On: In this article we’ll talk about an unseen part of a shower, the shower valve behind wall. Even though you may not see or even know about it, it’s there and it’s working to give you an amazing shower without any interruptions. But the problem occurs when it warns you about its […]

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Is Cold Shower Actually Good or a Myth ?

Last Updated On: Aren’t we all familiar with cold showers? I mean, suddenly this topic is on a rage and everyone is talking about its benefits. Before you actually start to take them on regular basis and give it a place in your routine – I believe you’d like to go a bit deeper regarding […]

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5 Effective Steps – How to Take a Cold Shower

Last Updated On: Cold showers have great benefits. It helps us to build discipline, self-control, and tolerance for discomfort. There is a great impact to wake up in the morning and get the blood flowing by taking a cold shower. Luckily there some ways to make it easier, and I am going to discuss 5 […]

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