Shower Massager: A Luxurious Shower Experience

Last Updated On: 23 April 2021

Showering is an everyday occurrence for most of us. A lot of us don’t even spare a second thought about it. But over the years technology has improved a lot and has spread in all branches of life. This technology has improved our showering experience a lot because now we have shower massager.

 Shower massager is a device made for making your shower experience more luxurious. There are a lot of different types of shower massagers and their use is also different. In this article, we will talk about different types of shower massagers and their benefits and disadvantages.

Ancient humans were not very into cleanliness. Bathing every day was a religious taboo because it was considered vain. Hence so many people were infected by the plague. Now we know that being clean is essential to living a good life. Bacteria and germs can spread easily in a dirty environment. So even if you don’t shower every day it is important to shower at least two or three times a week.

In the past showers had a simple design and served only one purpose. But now showers have a lot of features that serve different purposes. Showers now have steam, LEDs, sprinkles and other options. Shower massager is one of these options. Shower massager is one of the settings on a modern shower head. There are a lot of different types of massagers to choose from. So you should choose what is best for you. 

There are a lot of advantages of using a shower massager.

Advantages of a shower massager:

1. Regular shower heads are good for daily use but on special occasions when you need a little extra pampering shower massagers are the best.

2. If you have a nine to five job or if you are a student you don’t have a lot of time to waste on showering.

3. Regular shower heads cannot reach the hard to reach parts of your body. So if you want a cleaner, better shower experience you should invest in a shower massager.

4. A modern shower head can range from a single mode to multiple modes. Depending on the brand and the number of modes prices can vary. There is a general mode which is a shower setting. You can use this mode for a quick shower. There are options for both hot and cold water.

5. There enjoy some of them are also a lot of unique modes. There is a mode called mist which is basically just steam. If you have a cold or any kind of skin congestion a steam shower will work greatly. There is also power spray, mixed spray, rain shower and many more modes. Depending on the shower you buy you can either or all of them.

6. To heighten your shower experience it is wise to invest in a good shower massager. Some shower heads can not only spray water in one mode but also can spray water on two three modes simultaneously. That is what one would call a smart shower.

7. The main difference between a regular shower head and a shower massager is that a shower massager is more powerful therefore in can ensures more relaxation and can guarantee a much better shower experience. So if you are renovating your bathroom or have some extra money we highly recommend a shower massager. It can change your whole shower experience.

8. A shower massager will not only be useful to you but also to the other members of your family. There are also modes for your pets or your kids.

9. If you have any back or shoulder pain a shower massage will be of great use to you. The pressure and temperature of the water will relax your muscles.

10. A shower massager is also great for having a spa day at home. But there are also many modes that can be used daily. A shower massager has a lot of modes and a lot of different uses. So based on your budget and personal preference choose a shower massager which is the best suitable for you.

Since we all shower almost every day a good shower massager can be a good investment. But be careful since there are a lot of low quality products in the market.

There is no object on this planet without mixed blessings. A shower massager also has both advantages and disadvantages.


Disadvantages of a shower massager:

1. The main concern about the shower massager is that it wastes a lot of water. No matter what kind of showers you use there is always a chance of some water getting wasted.

2. Some shower heads are difficult to install. So that might be hard for some people.

3. A lot of modern shower heads are on the pricier side. So not everybody can afford them.

4. Since shower massagers are so relaxing people tend to spend more time in the shower. Which can lead to high electricity bills.

5. If you have arthritis or any similar diseases showering for a long period of time can be bad for your health.

6. Our body has a natural moisture barrier which protects us from heat, dirt and bacteria. If we shower for too long our body gets stripped from its natural oils which can lead to our skin feeling irritated, dull even many skin problems. So we must remember to shower quickly.

7. Experts say that a ten minute shower every day is more than enough. We must not exceed this time limit. But with a shower massager maintaining this time frame can be quite difficult since it is so relaxing. Also if you live in a rental home then installing a new shower head might be quite difficult for you since a lot of rental houses have strict policies.

If you can work around these few complications then you can completely enjoy the luxuries of a shower massager.

Should you buy a shower massager?

Since a lot of people are not really familiar with a shower massager we will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of a shower massager then decide if it is worth the hype.

1.Price: A good quality shower massager can be expensive but it can last longer than a normal shower. A shower massager has many modes. So, if you want a spa- like experience in your own home you can achieve that with a shower massager. So, it really is worth the money.

2.Energy Saving: A shower massager is notorious for wasting water. But if you are conscious and don’t spend more than 10 minutes in the shower it won’t matter. But if you like to take long showers than a shower massager is not really for you.2.

3.Safe to Use: One of best things about a shower massager is that it has many features. Many shower massages have self- cleaning abilities. With constant water supply bacteria and mold can grow inside a regular shower head. These can contaminate the water, which can cause many skin problems. On the other hand, a shower massager can control your water’s pH and protect your skin. So, if you are suffering from any kind of skin problem a shower massager is the best option for you.

4.Functionality: Most of the shower massagers are very easy to use and install. To install a shower massager all you have to do is remove your old shower head and screw a shower massager to your massager. So, if you are nervous about installing a shower massager, don’t be. It’s really easy. You can install a shower massager yourself.

5.Suitability: Our skin has a natural moisture barrier which protects us from bacteria, heat and dirt. If we shower for a long time our moisture barrier gets destroyed and our skin gets irritated. But there is an easy way to avoid this. Use body lotion after you have showered. This will moisturize your skin.

6.Relaxation: A shower massager is very relaxing to use. If you have any kind shoulder or back pain you will find a shower massager very helpful. The water pressure in a shower massager is very high so when the water hits your body the muscles relax. But if you have any pre-existing skin condition, standing in the shower for a long period of time may aggravate it.

7.Family Friendly: A lot of people think that a shower massager cannot be used by kids. It is not true. A shower massager has a lot of modes which is suitable for children and pets. So, a shower massager can be enjoyed by the whole family.


After reviewing both advantages and disadvantages of a shower massager you have to deciede whether you want one or not. If you want to buy a shower massager do your research beforehand. A good shower massager will be useful to both you and your family.


(Last Updated On: April 23, 2021)
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