Shower Routine: Is It Bad to Shower Everyday

Last Updated On: 23 April 2021

Almost every ones morning routine consists of showering, brushing their teeth etc. Now have you ever stopped to think about is it bad to shower every day. Well actually it’s not that simple. There are a lot of opinion on this topic and there are a lot of facts to consider also. So without further delay let us start our discussion.


History of Hygiene:
Our ancestors used to bath in ponds, seas and lakes. Greeks and Romans made communal bathhouses which were more or less a spa. Ancient Greeks used showers using gravity. “English Regency” was the first modern shower that was created in the early 19th century. With the invention of indoor plumbing in 1850 showers were becoming more and more common.

But our ancestors weren’t always into cleanliness. With the rise of Christianity cleanliness was considered a vanity. So it was considered a religious taboo. But in the 14th century one third of Europe died from the black plague and suddenly cleanliness was back in action.

Evolution of Shower:

Showers have been modified a lot over the years. At first showers were just a metal rod attached to a shower head. But now there are a lot of new features coming out every day. Body jets, drencher heads, shower heater are to name a few. A lot of people prefer to shower because it is quick and easy. So it’s perfect for a busy day.

Advantages of Shower:

There are a lot of advances of showering.

1. After a long day or after a workout it feels really good to take a hot shower

2. A lot of people have school or work in the morning. So they do not have time to take a bath. So taking a shower is the best option for them.

3. Not all homes have a bathtub but almost all homes even some public restrooms have a shower. So shower is available to a lot of people. 

4. A hot shower opens our pores and a cold shower closes them. So having a hot and cold shower helps with skin problems. 

5. A hot shower is also soothing if you have a cold. Showering has a lot of benefits but nothing in this world is without mixed blessings. So showering also has some disadvantages. 

Disadvantages of Shower:

 1. Showering every day for a long time with hot water can strip your body of moisture. There is a moisture barrier on our skin that protects us from heat, dirt and pollution. So if our moisture barrier gets disrupted we can get many skin problems.

2. Also when we shower not all the water hits our body. So a lot of water is wasted and our energy bill gets high. So showering for a long time is not good for the environment or our wallet. But thankfully there a lot of timers that can measure your water usage and thus we can save water. But these timers can be quite expensive and that will cost a lot of money. So there is that problem.

Should You Shower Everyday:

1. Every body’s body is different. So only you know what the best option for you is. Some people feels good when they shower daily and some people shower only couple times a week. It’s a personal choice. But also you have to make sure you don’t smell bad. Some people produce more sebum and sweat than others. So they probably need to shower daily. Some people have really dry skin in general. So if they shower every day it might do them more harm than good. So it really depends one’s preference.

2. Standing under shower especially hot shower can strip moisture from your skin. But thank God for moisturizers. If you live in a cold climate or if your skin is really dry then always moisturize your body and face. So we can see that all the problem that showering has can be solved easily. 

3. But another problem stems from showering which is sometimes dirt and bacteria grows inside the shower head. When you shower this bacteria not only clogs pore but also damages your skin. So it is very important to invest in a good shower head. There are a lot of shower head on the market that not only eliminates all the bacteria but also balances the pH of water. So that is a good investment for your skin and health.

4. Another problem with showering that it wastes a lot of water. If you are mindful about your water usage this problem can be solved. Don’t keep the shower on while you are shampooing your hair or washing your face. There are devices that keep track about your water usage. So maybe you can invest in one of these.

5. One of the main reason a shower is great because it doesn’t take much space. So it is perfect for people who lives in a small space or people who lives in rentals. A shower is available to most people. Some people can’t even choose what they will use to maintain their personal hygiene. So a shower is a no brainer for a lot of people. Now whether you use it or not depends totally on you. So if showering daily makes your skin irritated then you should shower every other day. But if you still face problem after that then maybe you should consult a dermatologist. But in the end it is all up to you.

Statistics: Now that we have talked about many aspects of showering let’s talk about showering habits of people around the world. In UK 63% of women and 58% of men shower at least once a day. On average British people have five showers and three baths a week. In France people have seven showers and two baths in a week on average. One in five Russian citizens shower once a week because they don’t have indoor plumbing or running water supply. In China 30% women and 21% men shower at least once a day. In the US men shower seven times and women shower six times in a week on average. So it is safe to say that your showering habit probably is similar to those around you. If you live in a cold climate then you probably shower every day or sometimes more than once and if you live in a cold climate you probably shower once or twice a week. So don’t feel bad about your showering habit as long as you don’t reek of trash. 

But if you shower once a month you can have some skin conditions. There are some bacteria that live on by eating our sebum. If we don’t shower for a long time our skin produces more oil which can clog our pores. This can cause acne, swelling and other skin problems. Also not showering for a very long time is very unhygienic. So even if you don’t shower daily try to shower at least couple of times a week. 


The point is there is no right way or wrong way to shower. You have to decide if you should shower daily or periodically based on your lifestyle, skin type and schedule. For example if you have a nine to five job you may not have time to take a bath and not everyone likes to take a bath. So a shower might be the best option for you. Now how many times you should take a shower in a week is totally up to you. But remember you should not shower more than 8-10 minutes and do not use boiling hot water on your body. After you shower use moisturizer based on your skin type. Usually water has a lot of minerals in it so you should invest in a good shower filter which will reduce chlorine and other chemicals from your water. This simple step can save you from a lot of headache for your skin. To answer the question is it bad to shower every day. The short answer will be no it isn’t. The long answer will be if you shower everyday use moderately hot water, don’t stay in the water for too long and always moisturize. If you maintain these simple rules it wouldn’t matter if you shower every day or not. But if you have any underlining skin condition then you should abide by your dermatologists advice. But any other way you can skip showering once or twice a week.

Many people have different opinion on this topic. What works for others may not work for you so you should try different things and decide for yourself. If you feel good showering four days a week then go for it. But if you feel unclean if you skip one shower then shower seven days a week. Whatever works best for your body choose it. Because only you can decide when and how you will shower.


(Last Updated On: April 23, 2021)
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