Top 10 Best Shower Speaker Review for 2021

Last Updated On: 23 April 2021

Music is a fairly inseparable part of our life, and inside the shower is basically our own little concert. Our inner singer comes out and you can color it up with a little music in your shower. Of course, it sounds nice but how are you going to do it? You can’t possibly drag your speaker to the shower and taking the phone inside is also risky. Unless you don’t have trouble buying a new phone every now and then. So the solution we can serve you is the Bluetooth shower speaker, they are portable, durable and waterproof!

We all know that it is the little things that usually bring pleasure in life. While showering you enter the world truly of your own. And music can surely give you a good time. And the best thing about it is waterproof shower speakers is that you can use the speaker outside the shower too! Pool party, beach, camping or any adventure, pack a Bluetooth speaker wherever you want music and bring more colors to your party or adventure.

So in order to help you get the most out of your smoker, I’ll tell you about shower speakers that will be best for you and what to look for when you’re buying them. 


What to look for while buying a new Bluetooth shower speaker:

To get the best out of your money you need to make sure your shower speaker offers the following features effectively. Or else you won’t be satisfied with the speaker in the long run.

1.Audio Quality:

It is one of the most important features that should be present in the Bluetooth speaker you’re buying. If the speaker distorts on high volume and the sound isn’t clear or loud enough your money is as good as wasted. And we who love their music loud, it is a vital feature. Also, make sure that it is loud enough to be heard from the running shower. 

2.Easy Set up:

The set up has to be simple and must come with clear instructions on how to use and maintain it. It is no good if the shower speaker you bought has too many complex features. It may hinder you from using a lot of services just because you don’t know about it or how to use those certain features. We wouldn’t want that.

3.Connection Range and Stability:

Notice the Bluetooth range and strength of the portable Bluetooth speaker you want to buy. The speaker loses its credit when it has a weak range of Bluetooth connectivity. If you are like me and walk around with your phone a lot in the house, it would be extremely annoying for those enjoying music if the speaker doesn’t have a large enough reach and the speaker stops playing as it loses the pairing. The pairing has a role to play here as well, so confirm before buying that it pairs easily with androids, iPhone and other Bluetooth devices

4.Durability and Endurance:

Buying a long-lasting Bluetooth shower speaker can be challenging. Even though many manufacturers claim that their Bluetooth speaker has the best dustproof, shockproof and waterproof technology, but it isn’t quite so. You have to keep a keen eye to ensure your preferred speaker offers them. The whole idea of getting a shower speaker is that it has to be waterproof, because you are going to take it in the shower, pool, and ocean etc. that’s why! And it also has to be dustproof and mudproof so that you will be able to take it on any of your adventurous trips without any second thought. You must have noticed IP rating on every waterproof shower speaker like IP-66 or IP-67; let me clarify what they mean so you can wisely decide the best one for you. 

The first digit of the IP indicates the protection against solid particles.

X – It means regarding this criterion there is no data available.

0 – It offers no protection against solid particles and objects.

1 – The protection is effective against particles larger than 50 mm such as the back of the hand etc.

2 – It is effective against objects larger than 12.5 mm such as fingers etc.

3 – This number means the product can protect itself from objects larger than 2.5 mm, like tools, thick wires etc.

4 – The product offers protection against objects larger than 1 mm. which means protection against most types of wires, screws and large bugs etc.

5 – From this point on it offers fairly high protection against dust. Even though it doesn’t provide absolute protection against dust but it does prevent a certain amount of it, so if you want to ensure satisfactory operation of the product don’t keep it in the contact of harmful particles for a lengthy period of time.

6 – It offers absolute protection against dust, meaning completely dust tight. Allows zero access of dust or such particles to the product. Applied vacuum; tested to hold on up to 8 hours based on the flow of air.

And the second digit denotes to the protection against liquid particles. How the product holds on against harmful ingress of water.

0 – As the digit suggests, zero protection against liquids.

1 – It can withstand 10 minutes of dripping water on the upright position.

2 – It can withstand 10 minutes of 3 mm rainfall per minute in total with 2.5 minutes in each angle tilted in 15°. Four vertical positions are tested under dripping water.

3 – It will hold against water sprays from any angle up to 60° from the vertical angle for 5 minutes.

4 – It means it can hold water against water splashes for a minimum of 3 minutes and even more duration with a shield.

5 – Water jets projected by a nozzle shall have no damaging impact on the product. Tested under 12.5-liter water jets for 15 minutes. It is quite good for a shower speaker but not good enough.

6 – It can withstand strong powerful water jets from any direction, and will have no harmful effect. Approximately against 100 liters per minute, the product will hold just fine for a few minutes. IPX-6 rated shower speaker is qualified to be called water resistant; no, we haven’t yet reached the waterproof rating.

7 – This rating indicates a truly waterproof product. Meaning, it can even be immersed in water for quite a few minutes, 30 minutes – when they conducted the test. And can withstand enough pressure of water.

So, while looking for a speaker that can hold the fort against both dust and water you should consider IP-66 or IP-67. But if you are just buying one as a portable Bluetooth speaker and not to take it in a shower or near the contact of water, then IPX- 4 or above should be okay for you.

5. Set of Features: Various Bluetooth shower speaker manufacturer company offers different type of exclusive features. Such as connecting with Alexa, Siri or Google Now feature or synching all the speakers to create a great vibe for parties. Find out which one appeals to you more and is balanced with the price.    

Top 10 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Reviews of 2021

Keeping the unlimited choices the markets provide in mind it isn’t easy to select the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself. So to aid you, I’ve gathered data from many buyers’ reviews and critics and analyzed them so that you could understand and compare them easily. But you do have to keep in mind that this is not a ranking, this is just a list of some speakers that you would not like to miss when you’ve made up your mind to buy one. So, let’s just get into it.   


  • The product is great for outdoors and showers. Its silicon cases and interface design ensures shockproof, level up to IPX5, dustproof, which can be used for shower or outdoor. But make sure you don’t immerse it into the water.

  • Very impressive and friendly design. It is equipped with a detachable suction cup and aluminum alloy metal which makes it convenient to hang it or attach it to anywhere.

  • It supports A2DP and is built with a 5W speaker. It can stream amazing stereo sound with a full range output providing crystal clear sound.

  • Equipped with built-in MIC-Bluetooth speaker and Hands-free function.


  • Comes with a D-ring which makes it easier to hang it up.

  • Excellent sound.

  • Easy to use.

  • Connects to the phone easily without complex settings.

  • Long battery life in this price range.

  • Sturdy built construction.


  • Not completely waterproof but splash resistant.

  • The function of the suction cup isn’t very impressive.  

Great for outdoors, you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting wet. Take your music on the go with this best Bluetooth shower speaker.

The iF012 is a waterproof, durable stylish speaker. It easily connects to your iPhone, iPod or Smartphone. The iFox speaker has incredible sound with crystal clarity. Which makes it perfect for all occasions and fills the air with great sound in seconds! With this small lightweight Bluetooth speaker that also has an impressive battery life, listen to music anywhere. From kitchen, bath, yard or pool the IF012 is sure to turn heads at any occasion.


  • One of the best sounding shower speakers ever- it is built to last. This version 4.1 is new to their 2018 model. The speaker has iFox WHITE FILLED BUTTONS which makes it easier to see the button in the shower. It’s guaranteed to last with CE, FCC and ROHS certification.

  • The product is 100% waterproof. It’s even fully submersible. The iFox shower speaker is really great around water. As it’s not only water resistant, it can also be fully immersed in water.

  • Versatile connection and speaker. The device connects to Bluetooth devices in less than 6 seconds. Control songs tracks and volume of the speaker easily. With this speaker, you get to enjoy your music, audiobooks etc with a 33-foot Bluetooth connection. In the shower, pool, car, beach or wherever you might be.

  • The speaker has a long battery life. This wireless speaker can last for up to 10 hours playing time between charges. And it’s fully charged in within three hours!

  • It will strongly attach to glass, ceramic or any other smooth surface with the help of the suction cup. You can attach it in the bathroom, boat or anywhere.

  • MONEYBACK GUARANTEE FOR 1 FULL YEAR! So you’re taking on absolutely no risk.


  • Easy to pair with iPhone, iPod or any other Bluetooth device.

  • Each waterproof speaker features a stable suction cup bottom that lets you stick it to shower walls, car, desktop, bathroom tile or anywhere you want a great sound.

  • Small and lightweight.

  • Impressive Bluetooth range.

  • Unique and stylish design.

  • The battery lasts for a long time.


  • Found nothing worth mentioning. 

With all these lovely features you’re bound to fall in love with the iFox waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker. A perfect gift guaranteed to bring a smile.

The photive Hydra Waterproof Bluetooth speaker gives you perfect sounds under all environments. The speaker is rated IP 66 for resistance against dust and water. This waterproof wireless speaker features a heavy-duty rubbed exterior and aluminum grill which withstands the elements perfectly. The speaker is perfect for listening to music anywhere around the house, in the shower and perfect for outdoors too! Take it with you at the beach, hiking camping or for backyard poolside fun.


  • A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker. The rating IPX66 lets you take the wireless speaker anywhere. The speaker provides you with a powerful sound. Its rugged design is what makes it ideal for travel. Take the Bluetooth speaker with you wherever you want to like Hiking, camping or just to listen to music in the shower.

  • Impressive Battery life lasts up to 8 hours with uninterrupted sound. Its advanced Bluetooth technology is ultra-optimized to consume less energy with maintaining crystal clear sound. The lithium Ion battery maintains 8 hours of uninterrupted speaker playtime on a single charge.

  • The Hydra Bluetooth Speaker has rubberized exterior and treated aluminum grill that protects it from dust and water and makes it shockproof.

  • A perfect gift for your loved ones. Retail Package, quality design, without the premium price makes your holiday better. The photive Hydra’s performance and loud room-filling sound makes it one of the best buys.


  • The Bluetooth speaker has separate buttons for volume and track control which makes it easier to use.

  • Powerful Bluetooth range.

  • The speaker is rated IP 66 for resistance against dust and water.


  • Makes static noise after a while of excessive use.

If you want excellent sound with a sturdy build at an affordable price then spend your money after this one, it is one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers.  

FUGOO creates rugged Bluetooth speakers featuring high-quality sound and up to 40 hours of battery life. This portable Bluetooth speaker is designed with a package of unique mounts to carry your speaker on bike rides, paddleboards and many more. FUGOO offers you dustproof, mud proof and Waterproof speaker. It is one ideal waterproof speaker with an IP67 rating. Amazing sound quality, built to add music to your adventures!


  • FUGOO waterproof sports model is Dustproof, snow proof and waterproof. This is a waterproof shower speaker with Bluetooth that can withstand water to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

  • Consists of built-in-microphone for full-duplex speakerphone. The Bluetooth speaker features Siri and Google Now.

  • Comes with incredible sound quality! Six drivers on four sides of the speaker for a 360-degree and incredible 95dB SPL-A volume range.

  • WORLD’S BEST BATTERY LIFE! Lasts up to 40 Hours with 50% loudness. So listen to your favorite music nonstop with the experience of incredible battery life and amazing sound quality.


  • Waterproof with an IP67 rating. 100% Waterproof, dustproof and snowproof speaker.

  • 360 degrees loud and enjoyable clean sound.

  • The battery life of FUGOO speakers is amazing as well. The battery life makes this product stand out above most speakers.

  • The FUGOO speaker is special for its superior sound quality and bass at the most affordable price. 


  • Connectivity isn’t that great as said.

This speaker comes with truly great sound, play anything like opera, hip-hop, bass and anywhere, you won’t be disappointed as long as you maintain the range, and you won’t regret buying it.

The SoundBot water-resistant Bluetooth speaker comes with advanced digital sound; noise/wind reduction technology to give you enriched music listening experience. Its unique loudspeaker with cavity structure delivers premium acoustic sound. The speaker features re-enforced detachable suction cup, water-resistant and splash proof surface to make it usable for both indoor and outdoor use such as shower, bathroom, kitchen, beach, pool, car, office and anywhere you want to enjoy the music!


  • High efficiency advanced Bluetooth 3.0 audio wireless connectivity. Unceasing streaming with 6 hours of playtime. It takes 3 hours for the Bluetooth speaker to charge completely.

  • The speaker is universally compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled media player devices. Connects to your Android, iPhone, iPods, or any other dedicated Bluetooth enabled digital players easily.

  • SoundBot Bluetooth speaker has 10-meter connection range so you can enjoy music in the shower without having to bring your media player device.

  • The Speaker comes with easy access to Handsfree Talking, Volume controlling, Play/ Pause / Power buttons

  • SoundBot Bluetooth speaker is water resistant and loud speaker. Its built-in-microphone is best for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Impressive sound quality. The volume goes pretty loud without distorting the sound.

  • Water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. Easily covers the sound of running water or any other sound.

  • Advanced wireless technology connects to all Bluetooth-enabled media player devices such as Smartphones, iPhone, iPod, Android, Pc or any other device. 


  • Water resistant but not entirely waterproof. Can’t be submerged in water.

  • Fairly short Bluetooth range. 

A package of great sound, long-lasting structure, and astounding battery life; definitely worthy of your time and money.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is a wireless 360-degree speaker with loud, amazing sound and powerful bass which delivers incredible sound in every direction. The BOOM 2 speaker is made to encounter any kind of situation. It is specially designed to get wet or muddy. The Bluetooth speaker allows you to wirelessly connect to your media player device. The speaker is waterproof and shockproof. So you get to take your music anywhere you want to. Beach, Pool, Camping, Mountains or indoors such as in the Shower or Kitchen as you wish! It comes with Siri and Google Now voice command. So you can play or change the music without having to touch the speaker. The BOOM 2 Bluetooth speaker is waterproof with IPX7 rating that can last up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter in water.


  • The sound quality is insanely good. It delivers such amazing sound quality along with 360 degrees sound coverage with deep bass.

  • The Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is a waterproof, shockproof speaker. It is IPX-7 rated; which means waterproof up to 30 minutes and a depth of one meter.

  • Portable speaker design. Take your music anywhere with you.

  • 15 hours long Battery life. May vary with use and environmental conditions.

  • The Party up feature from Ultimate Ears lets you wirelessly connect More than 150 ultimate speakers.

  • In order to play, pause or skip the songs tap the speaker.

  • 100 feet Bluetooth wireless range. 


  • Solid 360 degrees crystal clear sound for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • The PartyUp is the ability to pair with other BOOM speakers. This is a wireless feature where you don’t need to connect the speaker with other speakers with wires to make them work.

  • Portable, Dirtproof and Mudproof speaker. 


  • Might distort a little at the highest volume level. 

The UE BOOM 2 offers a superb quality of sound which is unmatched and by all means, it is the best Bluetooth speaker in this price range.

Add soundtrack to your adventures with the UE ROLL 2. It’s an ultraportable waterproof wireless speaker. Its sound is incredibly good. Its sound is so loud that you’ll have to shout for your voice to be heard. The UE ROLL 2 is 15 percent louder than the original UE ROLL. It comes with a stretchy, go-anywhere bungee! And UE ROLL 2 is the only speaker to have one like it! Just strap it to your backpack, bike or anywhere you want to take your music. It’s waterproof so you can completely submerge it into the water. The speaker is really lightweight and portable. It’s just over a half pound, so light that you’ll even forget it’s there.


  • Waterproof speaker with an IPX7 rating. Can be completely submerged in water up to 1 minute to 30 minutes. So it can be used in shower, beach, pool parties or anywhere. Just use the floatie that is included to enjoy your music.

  • Compatibility for Android, iPhone, iPod, and other Bluetooth wireless devices.

  • You can pair up to 8 or so Bluetooth enabled devices. 

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery with 9 hours battery life between charges. The actual Battery life may vary with use, settings and environmental conditions. 

  • Unique Bluetooth speaker that comes with a stretchy bungee making it ultra versatile with unique portability. 

  • Amazingly loud, bold 360-degree crystal clear sound 15 percent louder than the original UE ROLL.

  • The UE ROLL 2 App is awesome. Control the party from afar and get easy wireless access with new features with the updates and features from this amazing app. 

  • 100 feet wireless Bluetooth range.


  • The UE ROLL 2 has Impressive solid sound quality for such a small speaker. It delivers 360-degree amazing sound and volume. The sound can go very loud.

  • Pretty long Battery life.

  • Comes with a floatie!

  • Unique and only speaker to have a stretchy bungee that helps you take your speaker with you anywhere.

  • The UE ROLL 2 speaker is waterproof and submersible. You can completely submerge it into the water. So if you are at the shower or chilling at the pool, or at a waterfall or beach keep your music close to you with this speaker.

  • Ultra-portable and durable speaker.


  • Charging issues.

  • Battery life is average at best. 

Nice and loud music with extraordinary battery life. This is one great Bluetooth shower speaker amazon offers. Why not give it a go?

The Swimmer Bluetooth speaker is a portable waterproof, dust and dirtproof speaker. It is waterproof with an IPX7 rating. It can be immersed in water (3 feet of water for 30 minutes) so you can easily enjoy your music without any worries in pool, ocean or shower or anywhere. Feel free to soak it in water because it’s completely waterproof. The speaker is also dirt proof so you can take it with your adventures. This portable wireless speaker connects to your Smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth devices wirelessly. The swimmer waterproof Bluetooth speaker with its dustproof and waterproof ability is the perfect portable speaker for your every adventure.


  • The swimmer is IPX7 rated waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It can be immersed in 3 feet depth of water for up to 30 minutes. So you can take it with you in your shower, pool, beach or anywhere. 

  • Equipped with rugged exterior is completely sealed from dust and dirt. So feel free to take it with you on camping, hiking, biking or any adventure.

  • To make a secure fit pull the swimmer’s tail through the loop and bend to the left or right. It’s great for bike rides and kayaks.

  • It comes with an attachable suction cup. First, screw the suction cup into the back of the swimmer, and then attach it to any flat surface. Great for listening to music in the shower.

  • It is shockproof. It was built to exceed shock specification. 


  • Great sound quality with clear crisp sound. The sound is loud with impressive bass.

  • Completely waterproof with an IPX7 rating. So it can be taken in the shower, pool or beach. So soak it in water without any worries.

  • Dirt proof and Dustproof speaker.

  • Portable and attachable. Also can be hooked with its tail. 


  • Doesn’t last much longer if not taken care of.

This item can be an excellent and affordable gift to your music lover friends. The clear sound will win their heart.

The Polk BOOM Swimmer Duo is the ultimate waterproof, dustproof and dirt proof speaker made for adventures. With its stereo linking, it offers robust sound more than ever with better sonic range. The speaker is completely sealed from dust and dirt. It’s waterproof so it can be immersed in water up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. Its rugged rubberized exterior makes it shockproof. Its built-in mic provides hands-free calls. Polk BOOM speaker is a portable speaker ready for your every adventure. It pushes the limits to deliver great sound for wherever you’re listening to the music.


  • The Polk BOOM speaker is a completely waterproof speaker. So you can soak it in the water without any worries. The speaker is waterproof with an IPX7 rating.

  • It has rugged exterior sealed from dust and dirt. The swimmer keeps the speaker protected from all the filth so you can full blast your favorite songs wherever you are.

  • The swimmer now features stereo linking. So you can now easily link two speakers together and listen to each one.

  • You can loop your speaker around any object. Just pull the tail through the open slot and twist it for a secure fit.

  • The speaker can be attached at any flat surface with its suction cup for a better experience in shower or car.

  • The swimmer is shockproof. Its rugged rubberized exterior absorbs the drop. So don’t worry about dropping it. 


  • Clear sound that makes high-quality sound with big bass.

  • Completely waterproof so it can be immersed in water without any worries.

  • Mud proof and dustproof, which makes it perfect for hiking, biking, and camping.

  • Shockproof speaker. So don’t worry about dropping it because its exterior is built to absorb the drop.
  • Comes with a tail that makes it easy to loop anywhere.
  • This speaker features suction cup so that you can enjoy your music in the shower. Just stick it to a flat surface and enjoy your music.


  • The battery is said to degrade over time.
  • Charging issues.

If you’ve used BOOM swimmer products before, you know how promising their band is, every genre is sure to sound to perfect in this Bluetooth speaker.

It is a wireless speaker with an amazing sound quality which is perfectly designed for any kinds of adventure. The speaker is Waterproof and Shockproof. It’s portable so you can listen to music with this amazing speaker anywhere. It comes with advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology for crystal-clear sound. Its rubberized exterior protects it from damage caused by shocks like bumps and drops. From rock climbing to river rafting, this speaker adds fun to your adventures.


  • Completely waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker with an IP 67 rating. It can withstand water ensuring high-quality sound. 

  • The speaker comes with advanced 4.0 Bluetooth technologies. Loud, Incredible crystal-clear sound. It pairs easily with any Bluetooth enabled media player device like Android, iPhone, iPod, and other media player devices.

  • The speaker has 12 hours audio capability on a full charge.

  • Wireless Portable speaker with 33-foot wireless range. 

  • Rubberized exterior making it a shockproof, dustproof and dirt proof speaker.


  • Amazing High definition sound quality with loud and clear sound. The sound can get really loud.

  • Dustproof and Mud Proof speaker. Perfect for hiking, biking, rock climbing and many more. 

  • Heavy duty portable speaker.


  • Some buyers faced pairing issues.

  • Distorted sounds after sometimes. But not in all cases.

For those looking for a lightweight and portable speaker, this might be a good choice for you. You can hang it in your shower and peacefully enjoy the music; it’s that simple in fairly less price.


Q.1: Can I play music while it is charging?

A.1: Yes, you can.

Q.2: Does the device need to be paired every time before use?

A.2: If you are not using the same device as the last time then you’ll need to pair again. But if you are then you’re good to go.

Q.3: Can you connect more than one device at once?

A.3: No, like other Bluetooth devices, you can’t pair multiple devices at one go, but you can easily disconnect and reconnect same or different devices.

Q.4: What is the average range of these Bluetooth shower speakers?

A.4: Bluetooth range covers up to 100 feet on a normal basis, but it is rare in Bluetooth speakers. So your Bluetooth shower speaker’s range should be 20-35 feet, this may vary based on the model and manufacturer.  

Q.5: What happens if I get a call between music?

A.5: The music will pause when you get a call and after you disconnect, music will automatically play from where it was paused.

Q.6: What does IP 66 mean?

A.6: IP is the rating assigned to this product. The first 6 means the product is dustproof and will give you complete protection against dust. And the second 6 means water jet proof. Water splashes won’t do any harm to the speaker.

Q.7: If it is not paired, will the speaker automatically?

A.7: No, you’ll have to turn it off automatically.  


Research shows that by spending an average of 8 minutes in the shower, and about three times a week we spend about 20 hours a year in the shower. So if we are going to spend this much time in the bathroom, which may be even more for some of us, it won’t hurt it to make it more fun. And what good alternative is there without music? If you have stuck with us till the end of this article I most cordially express my gratitude and hope that my article was able to help you in a way. Buying the best shower speaker ensures the efficiency of the money you spend, so selecting the one that fits your quota the most is quite important. Since the Bluetooth shower speaker will be accompanying you not only on the shower but anywhere you want you will not want to buy one which doesn’t have good loud sound or isn’t built to last. So take the research seriously and happy purchasing!      


(Last Updated On: April 23, 2021)
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